Glycerin Soaps without using store bought base

judith_2008January 13, 2008


I am relatively new to soap making and am having difficulty in finding a recipe for making the glycerin soap base - all books or recipes I have found are either using lard and tallow or a store bought glycerin base. Is anybody able to assist me with this?

Many Thanks in advance.


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Judi, I am pretty sure that the only way to make Glycerin soap is with a base product you purchase that is already been made or make you're own lye soap and get the by product off of it..which is glycerin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glycerin

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Hi Judith,

Most, if not all, people will buy the glycerin because they don't want to mess with the lye and make their own soap, nor do they want to make their own lye soap and remove the glycerin from it; then the lye soap would not have glycerin in it rendering the soap less effective nor wanted.
They lye soap will have about 7% glycerin in it, if memory serves.
These 2 ways of making soap are looked at 2 different ways; the lye soap more crafty, made from scratch, and the glycerin soap more artsey, just add decoration and stir.

Either one is rewarding, although I have never made the glycerin soap.

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Do you mean the clear soap with glycerin aded? You can make that from just about any plain soap, MP or CP. You melt it down, add glycerin and boil it in alcohol.
Here are the directions and recipe:

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Yes, you can make glycerin soap from scratch but it's a hassle and tricky. I've made it but it has never come out perfectly clear. To make it, you melt grated soap (save the pieces when you're done with the bar)with water. You have to add sugar and alcohol (I use Everclear or vodka). Then you have to let it sit and harden and melt again...and again. If you "Google" glycerin soap recipe you should get the exact ingredients and amounts.

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I make my own melt and pour all of the time. It is basically hot process soap making with a few added ingredients. Much better than the SLS stuff you buy in a craft store and once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple to make.

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Hi Judi -

I think the consensus is pretty much to buy the glycerin soap base. Most every recipe I see includes the base bought from a supplier. The only other way I know of is to make lye soap and extract the glycerin from that, but dont really think its worth the time since glycerin base is pretty cost effective as is. Plus, messing with lye can sometimes be dangerous to someone just starting out if you are not careful.

You can check out more on soap safety here

Here is a link that might be useful: Making soap from home

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Just a bit of info I found on the internet regarding *Glycerine* soap -vs- Transparent soap

Melt and Pour Soap:� Also known as solid Glycerin.

Pure glycerin, animal or vegetable based, is always liquid and can only be solidified by the addition of plasticizer chemicals. To produce a foam, detergents are added. This method is simply making soap from soap and is more expensive than starting from scratch. Melt and pour soaps may have natural ingredients added to them but they are synthetically based. This type of soap can actually be drying to your skin!

Transparent Soap:�This soap is made clear by adding solvents such as alcohol to prevent crystals from forming as the soap cools. Transparent soap is often referred to as Glycerin Soap. However, this is a fallacy as glycerin is not needed to produce a clear or transparent soap. This soap can be drying to the skin.

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