multipoint on pella doors

gwaldDecember 15, 2012

hi - I installed pella doors a couple of years ago and I'm happy with them, but I have always thought that the locks were strange. As much as I like the nice fit of the multipoint set-up I am really not happy about the method. If I just turn the thumb-screw, the handle will not lock at all. The only method that I know of to lock these doors is to first make sure that the thumb-screw is in the un-lock position, pull the handle all of the way up to engage the multipoint system and then lock the thumb-screw.

I would have thought that there would be a half-way lock by just turning the thumb-screw so that the handle would not turn. I'm used to it, but I feel like anyone staying at my place needs an instruction manual to learn to use the locks. Just curious if anyone else feels this way or if I missed something about how these are supposed to work. Comments appreciated!


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That is the way multi-point is designed to work. You do not have to engage the multi-point all the time you should be able to use the centerbolt normally and the multi-point function when looking to secure the door at night or in a storm

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thx for that millworkman. That's what I think too, but I have a single door and double doors from pella, and both with the same mechanism and they both behave the same way.

Have you ever tried a pella multipoint?

I'm thinking of going to a pella store and seeing if theirs work the same way.

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I don't think you should be able to turn the thumb turn until the multi-point is engaged. That's the only part that sounds unusual to me.

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