Halloween Costumes.....Anyone Get Started Yet?

moonwolf_gwSeptember 23, 2011

Hi everyone,

Halloween isn't for over another month yet, but how many of you have started on costumes? What will you be going as?

Pretty soon is when I'll start gathering the items I need for mine. I'm going as a character from one of my favorite musicals. I've been doing lots of planning and sketching trying to figure out "the look".

The character is a movie theater usher (well I'll be carrying a refreshment tray-an old cardboard box-so technically it's an usherette; the name of the character).

So here are the things I have down (some were suggestions given to me when I posted about this a few months ago) for my costume:

An old tux or suit (I really just need a top; I have black pants that I can use). Does anyone know how much they cost in a thrift store?

A top hat (thinking of dressing this up too; sequins, rhinestones or feathers)

Gloves or gauntlets(silver as someone suggested or sequined; I can crochet these if I need to)

Paint, glitter and belt for the refreshment tray

*Black, curly (not too curly) shoulder length wig


*Clip on visors for my glasses (rose tinted; hint hint)

*Old dress shoes (so I can add sequins/rhinestones to them)

The stars mean I'm thinking of adding them. The hat and gloves are optional but I think would look better.There's other small needs that I have on my list like bobby pins. I have a necklace I made years ago out of beads that are multicolored that would look great too with this costume.

So you see lots of ideas lol. I welcome any suggestions you all may have! Think of this post as the Halloween Costume Help Center lol.

Thank you very much!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I personally don't usually dress up, but my 24-year old daughter came to me and asked me to make costumes for her, her husband and her sister-in-law. We've gone shopping for the pattern and fabric, but I haven't cut into it yet.

But, I have been making a few costumes....for stage use. I've done a few skirts and a few little calico dresses for our elementary school production. I'm the director, and I don't usually do the sewing - - but this time, I wanted to get my hands on some of them.


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I make costumes for the grandkids. They're going with a Disney theme this year, Goofy for the 6yo, Mickey for the 3yo, and Minnie for the new(4mo) baby girl. I make a lot of costumes for them other than Halloween, so I try not to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to.

Over the summer, the 6yo asked for a Penguin (as in Batman) costume. I found a woman's black blazer at Goodwill for $4. Cut the bottom of the front off, and split the back up the center seam, to make a swallow tail tux. You should be able to do the same with a man's black suit jacket if you can't find a woman's jacket that looks fancy enough. It did require a lot of hand sewing to restitch the lining and fabric back together so it looked decent and would wear well. Their costumes get more use than their regular clothes.

I'd probably not paint a box for your snacks tray. I'd get shiny gold (or silver, etc.) wrapping paper and spray adhesive, and cover it inside and out with that. Much easier. But, I can't imagine what you'd want a boa for, and IMHO you'd be dropping it, dragging it, losing it all night. You don't want too many things to carry. Definitely do Goodwill for the shoes.

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Brad, I forgot to say that I'd definitely go for the gloves and hat. In the Goodwills in CT they carry costume top hats during Halloween season, or you can get one at a costume shop. If you can't find gloves in your size, women's 'one size stretches to fit everyone' gloves come in white usually stretch enough. You can sew the lines on the backs to make them look more like formal wear gloves.

Also, I said I "cut" the bottom front off a blazer; what I did was rip out the seams first to more easily resew what was left. Good Luck!

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Donna, good luck with your costume making! I hope they turn out great and your daughter has fun!

Nanasaidso, thank you for your advice! Okay! A wrapped box it is then! The boa was an accessory they used in the play and movie and I wanted it to look official. The tray would be in the way of the boa too. Would the necklace still work? There is a Goodwill downtown and mom's taking me there Friday :) along with a couple other stores.

The paint and glitter were going to be on the sides of the box for writing. The front will say "The Rocky Horror Show" and on the sides it will say something like "Refreshments" or "Opening Tonight". Many Rocky Horror fans do this as I read :).

Here is a picture of Patricia Quinn, the original Usherette/Magenta. Her costume is a little more simple than mine but you get the idea :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Some of what you are looking for can be found at party stores, I'm thinking the boa in particular. Its hit or miss finding a tux at thrift stores, or a suitable jacket. Start looking now!
Good luck


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Thank you, Kathy!

Friday is the big day! I'm very excited!!! I started on the box yesterday (cut it to the right size). When that's done then I can start putting my costume together. I will post pictures of the box and my costume and the two together (a coordinated ensemble lol) when it's finished :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I am in the planning stages. I was hoping for some help! I have an old bridesmaid dress that I have taken apart, and was trying to make it a princess dress (Cindarella maybe) any ideas?

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Look at this website. I'm sure you could find some of the stuff locally and cheaper, but it shows you what is available.
KathyG in MI

Here is a link that might be useful: Theatre House

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Here is the refreshment tray all finished!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Left Side

Right Side

The letters are foam stickers (which can be removed easily). The "dripping blood" effect is red glitter and glitter glue. I welcome all comments and suggestions!!!
This weekend, onto the actual costume!!!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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If you haven't found the tux/suit coat yet, I would definitely be looking at the thrift stores. Around here, a man's suit jacket would run about $5.

Do you have a local theater company? Some of them rent stuff out at Halloween time, to pick up some extra $$$. A tux coat just might be one they'd rent out. Of course you can rent a real tux coat at any wedding store, too, but probably for more $$.

Two of our local theater companies were holding yard sales to get rid of some of their excess costuming. One was last month for San Diego Christian Youth Theater - one of my cast moms went down and picked up some things for us. One such "goodie" was a man's suit coat that had been cut back into an old fashioned suit coat. Another sale is today, and a different mom is going in search of a similar coat in black, or one that she could cut down.


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I did get my suit coat, gloves (not elbow length but they'll do for now), wig and the best of all, a glittered top hat that was 50 cents original price and was on sale! It was the cheapest item being only 38 cents :). The wig (Dollar General) is the right color and it fits but I wish it was curlier.

The suit coat is blue and has three gold cuff buttons on each sleeve (Goodwill). It was $6. The hat came from a second hand store of all places and they had LOTS of those left :). Mom and I were getting ready to leave and it was the last thing I found in the place. The gloves came from Rite Aid and not the best constructed, but they'll do. Overall, it was a good day :).

Donna, there is a theater company in our area but I've never known for them to hold sales. Hmm, I may have to look into that someday.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I decided to be in a Halloween parade with my little dog. A friend gave me this costume for him. Now I need something to coordinate. Any suggestions?

I don't reallyw ant to be another prisoner or the warden. A friend suggested a zebra,I kind of like that.


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Kathy, you could lose the dog's hat and instead get him a little beret. Then you can go as a mime. All black, or black pants with a striped shirt, just paint your face... had a couple of mime trick-or-treaters last year and they looked awesome.

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Brad, I didn't think theater company garage sales or rentals took place either, but found out differently! The mom who went last Saturday brought me a gold mine of stuff for our play, including a white coat. (Our narrator is "Mark Twain", so he HAS to have a signature white outfit!)

As for my daughter's costume (and that of her husband and Sis-in-law), those are coming along swimmingly. Two are almost done, and the third will get cut out tomorrow.


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Here I am with my costume all finished! Enjoy!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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