Revised house plan :)

lavender_lassJanuary 20, 2011

Thank you all for your help with my kitchen layout and wood storage question, in recent posts. This morning, I found that Summerfield had posted my revised plan...and it's beautiful! :)

Here's the plan, with a few pictures, to show the idea for the banqette. While I like the other plan, the dining room table was just too tight and only seated four. With this plan, I can easily fit four, six, or even eight...especially when they're nieces and nephews. LOL

The woodstove can now easily heat the entire kitchen space, when the power goes off. Summerfield came up with the idea to put the wood storage for the fireplace, under the shelves...brilliant! And I love the pergola over the deck :)

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This is great!...doesn't Summerfield do good work?
What you have for your Pantry is like what I have in this house, that I call my laundry to be able to have my desk and computer in there. In fact, I think it is one of the best decisions we made...

Are you building soon? Will you not have garages? Good Luck!

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Phoggie- This is the old farmhouse on our property, next door to where we live now. We're in a manufactured home, but at some point would like to remodel the farmhouse.

Summerfield does wonderful work! I sketched my ideas on graph paper, but it was hard to read...and now it's beautiful :)

The plan is pretty similar to what's there now, but the porch is now the dining area. I added a few feet for the vestibule, to the bedroom/master bath...and I added on the pantry/mudroom space. We need lots of storage on the farm. I'm glad you liked having a similar space in your current home.

Do you want a space like that in your new home? That's the beauty of can do almost anything you want...and make it your very own :)

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How lovely! The brick ceiling in your photo is fabulous. I LOVE the idea of built in seating for your dining room. I would love a mud/laundry space like that. Your farmhouse is going to be stunning. I wonder what software was used to sketch out the plan. I like that better than what I have...much better.

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Isn't that beautiful software? Lots of people (including me) have asked Summerfield, but never had a response. Since I'm not very good with software, I'm just very happy that Summerfield created the plan for me! :)

I really like the idea of a banquette, too. I wanted something a little different and kind of cottage style. The windows and fireplace are not centered on the walls and I thought I'd play that up, as much as possible.

My husband noticed that the furniture is too close to the fireplace, so I'm planning to move it a little closer to the entrance, which will give me room for a window seat on the left side of the fireplace. Summerfield came up with the idea of the wood storage built in under the bookcase. I love built ins and window seats :)

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So, I thought I'd post the newest version of my plan...with a few small changes by Summerfield, to make the rooflines work in the back. I love the big plant window in the dining room, too!

The back is now squared off, which makes the desk area so much nicer and it adds the built-in shelves, on the side. The bathroom looks a bedroom that was made into a bathroom, when indoor plumbing made it's way to the farm. That's actually what happened, but the bathroom was not nearly this nice! LOL

Summerfield also drew up this exterior picture. It's just beautiful and exactly the cottage style I wanted :)

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Oh JOY!!!
I am totally in love with your house, Lav. I hope you can carry it out just as Summerfield drew it.

What a very enjoyable process it has been getting from the start to this point. Congratulations. And what a great thing to look forward to bringing to life.

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Thanks ML!

I'm really excited...I'm hoping to get some idea what all this is going to cost, when I talk to our contractor/friend this spring. We don't want to go into BIG debt, so we'll probably do much of the remodel in stages. As long as we all know where we want to end up, it should work out pretty well. Or, I'm completely deluded, but I'm still enjoying the heck out of all this! LOL

Since we aren't living in the house, there's more time to do the work and hopefully we can DIY some stuff...especially finish work. I am not a perfectionist, but I do like things well we'll DIY what we can and shop very carefully, to balance out the extra labor costs :)

Also, I'm thinking of putting a little arbor/pergola, outside the dining room banquette window...for wisteria. Can you grow climbing roses with wisteria? That would be beautiful!

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The houseplan looks lovely but not small. What's upstairs?

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The newly revised and front pictures are wonderful.

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Wow! That sure is beautiful! If you can do lots of do it yourself work, you will save tons of money, and will most likely find it falls within budget. Just be sure to have a clause in the contract with your builder that you have the right to do so, and to shop for fixtures, etc. yourself. if you want.


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Dennie- Upstairs is one large bedroom and a small attic, which will become two bedrooms and a small bath. The shed dormer is in the current attic space, for more light and headroom.

Shades- Thanks, I really like it :)

Sandy- Good point about including that in the contract. Our friend and GC (who has done other work for us) is always encouraging us to do as much work as possible. He's great and spent his summers at the farm (as a kid) and would love to help bring back the old place.

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