Craftsman Garage Door Opener wont close-sensor lights steady

KelWDecember 19, 2010

I have done quite a bit of research on this but haven't found an answer yet. Our Craftsman garage door opener sensor went out on one side so we replaced it with a new one and it worked perfectly despite being a different brand from the other side. Then, the old original one that was left went out so we replaced it with the other new one so both sensors are new and a matched pair. The lights are definitely steady and not even slightly flashing or pulsating and when I place my hand it the way one of the sensors blinks so I know it is making a true connection. All of this appears to be working normally but the door will not close without holding down the wall unit button. It will open fine with all remotes but the opener unit blinks 10 times like there is a sensor problem. I am at wits end. Does anyone have a solution?

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Any time the main light flashes 10 times when you try to close the door it is a door sensor problem. Nothing else. I would suggest you get the right sensors for your Craftsman opener.

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