Craftsman 1/2 HP garage door opener

parker_fixerDecember 8, 2009

Door worked fine till the fiber gears stripped. Bought a kit and replaced both gears which I've done several times before without a problem. When it was all back together and I actuated the opener and it moved slightly then the light flashed and the clicking sounded 10 times indicating the sensors were bad. Checked the sensor lights and both were out. During the repair I did nothing to the sensor wiring except disconnect and reconnect it. Can't believe both sensors went bad in the couple hours it took to put in the gear kit. Would appreciate any thoughts on this situation and methods for checking the sensors. Thanks

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Make sure you put the wires back where they belong. The 2 solid white wires go to terminal 2 and the 2 wires with the black tracer go to terminal 3. One of the sensors is the sending unit and the other the receiving unit. If the light on the sending unit isn't on the light on the receiving unit will not come on. Check the wiring for breaks to the sending unit. This information is notated on the sensors.

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don 1 2006. There was no way to cross the sensor wire pairs. The stiffness of the wire pairs was enough to hold their position while I lowered the opener to the latter to replace the gears. So I never gave crossing the wires a thought. Well after reading your comment I did go out and check and to my disbelief they were crossed. Reversed them and the sensor lights came on. Might have spent a couple days searching for obscure problems if it were not for your comment so I canÂt thank you enough.

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The light on my opener comes on all by itself, without my doing anything. It happens when the door is closed. We drive in, close the door and I will manually turn the light out and make sure it's out. Sometime later, it comes back on and stays on. No mice and pathway between sensors is clear. What's going on? Been happening since it was new.

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i want to change my password to "larry444" thank you. my email is

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I have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener. I rewired it and the door works fine with the wall mount controller. The remotes don't work anymore. any suggestions.

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