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jessdmillerJanuary 13, 2009

What are your room dimensions?

My parents house recently burnt down and I'm trying to come up with a nice efficient floorplan for their new house. Here is what I'm working with:

*Approximately 1000 sf

*There will be a basement so there needs to be stairs.

*They live on a farm so there needs to be a decent sized mudroom.

*They want two bedrooms. They will have their bedroom and the second one will be used for my moms craft room.

*Need to have room for a decent sized table (so some sort of dining room but doesn't have to be separate - can be country kitchen)

Really what I'm wanting to know is what your room sizes are so I know how small I can go yet still function.

If anyone has small floorplans with mudrooms they could share that would be awesome too.

Thank You!

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Room sizes are less important than layout, IMO - placement of doors, windows, architectural features like fireplaces can really limit how a room functions, especially a smaller room. My house is WRT bedrooms, if you use built-ins or something like Ikea's PAX system for storage there is less need for freestanding space-eating furniture like dressers and thus you can have a smaller room. Personally I wouldn't want to go smaller than 10x12' to comfortably accomodate a queen bed and two not-too-big nightstands and have plenty of room for doors' swing, DH and me moving around at the same time, etc. Mum's craft room should have tons of built-in-type storage to keep clutter from accumulating and make more efficient use of the room. If she sews, an in-the-wall folding ironing board is a must!

Have you searched this forum for the words "plans" and "floorplans"? I know many people have posted sites with floorplans.

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In my previous small house, I had only 8 windows in the story and a half Cape Cod style house. But because the windows were all large, the house did not feel dark at all.

Ask your parents if they are "bedroom" people. Ha! Ask if they spend a lot of time in their bedroom relaxing, reading, etc. or do they mainly go in their bedroom to sleep and change clothes. I'm not a "bedroom" person so a large bedroom is not a high priority. In my old 1910 bungalow my bedroom is about 11' x 13'.

And I wish I had a good sized mudroom for the dog, recycling, boots, coats, etc. I wouldn't mind if the washer/dryer were in the mudroom - and some cabinet storage.

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