Proud owner of a huge old SZ. Anyone know how to move them?

deedlesMay 1, 2013


Seriously. Having great difficulty finding someone to move it. 2 men and a truck won't do it. The commerical appliance people won't do it although he says he gets these calls all the time and maybe he should start providing the service. I suggested he start providing the service with me but no go.

Has anyone ever moved these by themselves rather than hiring out? If so, any advice?

It's the 48 sxs that I posted about yesterday. 300.00. 582#.

I'm cautiously excited to own it with the understanding that we'll have to get a service guy out to check it over for any problems. She's a beaut though and I'm already thinking about some nifty DIY panels for it.

But getting it there is the next thing so any help or advice would be appreciated.

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My husband and son moved our 4xx pound Chambers with a very stout hand truck onto a trailer without any problems. The trailer has a ramp for such purposes.

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Powermuffin: Did they put anything underneath the fridge to protect the underside from the dolly? I understand that can be a problem.

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You need about 4 guys with the forarm forklift straps.

Or an airsled.

Or both.

And a low to the ground sturdy trailer. It HAS to stay upright, so you'll need some sturdy strapping to hogtie it to the trailer.

Getting it in place, you definately need the airsled. Getting any built in appiance in place is really best left to those with experience doing it. You might want to go by the appliance retailer who sells SZ localy and talk to his delivery guys about making a couple of hundred bucks off the clock. It's not so much the weight as it is the bulk. It's tall, and wide, and deep. Very difficult to maneuver.

Here is a link that might be useful: Forearm lifting straps

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livewire: I did see that airsled earlier. Can you rent them or do you have to buy them? Have to check online... thanks!

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See if a piano mover will tackle it.

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Call a local mover?

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Well, I've left message for a couple more movers in this area. One handles pianos so maybe.... fingers crossed.

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I second the idea of talking to the local appliance store and seeing if they'll put you in touch with their movers/installers.

You might get, "Well we won't touch it officially, but if you want to talk to the delivery guys about doing it on the side, that's between you and them."

Reminds me of when I wanted the RO hooked up to my built-in fridge. I called a bunch of stores but nobody would do it. I had a guy out from one of those same stores adjusting the fridge doors and he gave me the same story until I waved $40 under his nose. Took him less than 10 minutes; I bet he was one happy camper on the way out but I was happy to have it finally done.

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We finally found an outfit that'll move it this Saturday. Cost a little more than the fridge did but oh well. Keeping my fingers crossed for an uneventful move and a working fridge at the end of it.

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Well, I've figured out this is some kind of an appliance, but what the heck is an SZ? /

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We've rented an air sled before-- (from an equipment rental place). They work really well on horizontal surfaces, but not stairs, obviously. If you can get a truck with a lift gate, that would be helpful for you too.

If not forearm straps, consider shoulder dollies too. I just got a pair of those to move our washing machine to our second level.

SZ--Sub-Zero, I'm thinking.

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Yes, Sub Zero. Sorry. I thought that was GW nomenclature.

Have to rent the airsled when it comes time to put it in the hole though.

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Our GC rented a piano dolly to move our 48" range. I was doubtful but it moved the beast like it was nothing. The crew was all smiles since everyone had been dreading the install.

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