Garage Door Sticks When Opening

honrathDecember 29, 2008

As I am returning home, when I click the remote to open the garage door, the garage door will open about 6 inches and stop.

I then need to get out of the car with the remote in-hand and while holding onto and applying a slight lift to the garage door handle and pressing the remote to open at the same time, the garage door will open.

When opening the garage door using the wall-mounted push button, I need to keep the button depressed to open the garage door fully. If not, it will open about 4 feet then stop.

Then, there are the exceptions when one push of the button on the wall or the transmitter does the trick!

Can you help??


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First things to check are your door springs and then the drive gear. Look closely at the springs to make sure one isn't broken. Then you will need to remove the cover to see the drive gear. It is white nylon and is just in front of the motor. If both of these are in good shape you can increase the 'up force' which is on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go.

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If you have adoor that has springs on both sides,not a big spring across the top of the door, you can rebalance the spring tension to take care of the problem. I had the same problem over the weekend. I corrected the problem by rebalancing the springs and increasing the up force on the opener.

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