Wrought iron railing - how to reinstall

homeboundDecember 19, 2007

Previous owner cut away the wrought iron rail (1" square posts) flush with the concrete.

How can it be reinstalled? Can it be center-drilled with an iron dowel inserted? Or could the concrete be chipped away to make room to weld it back together?


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You can get a flange that is fastened into the concrete, then the rail sets into the flange and fastens with a setscrew. The flange should be available at any place that sells the railing.

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Thank you. I'll look for them.

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The local rental yard should have the coring drill and core bits to easily remove the old section, and bore a new hole for a new one.
The surface anchors are a very weak method for attaching railings.

You have at least a 30 inch steel lever to rip the anchors out of the concrete with.

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It worked.

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