Are photos printed on acid-free paper?

sueraveyDecember 25, 2001

Does anyone know if our photos are being printed on acid-free paper? I mean the photos that we have developed at Walmart/KMart,etc...

I have never an acid-free notice on the actual photo so why are we going through all the trouble of AF scrapbook papers, glues, albums?

I think I will email Kodak tomorrow and ask them.

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No, photos are not acid-free. They are bathed in devoloper, then stop bath, then fixative, before being rinsed in water to "neutralize" those chemicals. When professional photographers develop their own pics they are much more neutral, but things run through high-speed developing machines are not- the chemicals can be old or dirty. That's why photos degrade so quickly. You see a noticeable color change in even 20 years. However, keeping them in a neutral environment will help slow down their degradation so they last longer.

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Thx for the info, Karen. I sort of thought they were not bc I've never seen it advertised as such. I did email Kodak and they sent me a reponse that they do make acid-free supplies.

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