Old Linen Mats

pink_warm_mama_1September 3, 2013

Have a lot of old, lacy edged linen mats - for the lack of a better word to describe them. They were once used on chair arms, bureaus, probably under lamps, and maybe even on DR tables. Some are circular, some are rectangular, all are pretty and in good shape. Not knowing what to do with them, I wonder if they can somehow be made into pillows perhaps for a bedroom. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

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Have learned these are called antimacassers, and wonder how they could be placed on a pillow top to be attractive. In other words, one at a time, or several together to determine a pattern. Any help appreciated.

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I've seen them framed, individually, either between glass sheets or carefully stitched to a backing fabric.

And I answered elsewhere, too.

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I think they'd be lovely as a pillow top. I'd make a pillow covering in a colorful or dark plain fabric. Something that will show off the lovely handwork. Then play with draping them on the pillow until you get something that pleases you. If you have larger ones like for a chair back they could cover the whole pillow and others could be centered or placed at random.

I have doilies and dresser scarves my grandmother crocheted and I have used them to make decorative bedroom pillows and I really like them

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Thanks so much for your ideas. Have no problem with color choice, but is there any special fabric it would be wiser to use as the pillow covers to back the antimacassers? Thanks again.

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