Keep Moss off Composite Roof

garrai81December 1, 2009

We live in Portland, Oregon, and have a composite roof in good shape.

Moss appears on the roof each year about this time.

I know that I could go up on the roof several times each winter and spread poison to kill the moss, but this is not something that I want to do, for obvious reasons.

Do zinc-coated strips of metal work?

If so, would you have to have a strip of metal along the entire ridge of the roof, plus at the top of the sections that have no ridge to them?

The roof has a moderate pitch, and is divided into four sections (back of house, garage, front of house and porch overhang).

If zinc does not work, does anything work?



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Zinc or copper strips work, usually one strip at the top along the ridge.

I know if you have a water fountain and want to keep the water clear, you throw some pennies or pieces of copper pipe in the water. A few weeks ago, I threw some pennies above an area of stain on the garage roof. I'll see if that works, in theory it should. It may take until spring to see if it kills the moss or lichens.

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