Roof only 13 year; leaking already. What to do?

chuehDecember 18, 2009

This house is only 13 years old. We have had pretty heavy rain since the autumn. It has rained pretty hard since very early this morning.

When we woke up, the plaster in the ceiling fell down all over the place in the kitchen area.

What can be wrong with the roof? It's only 13 years old... However, if nothing wrong with the roof, it would not leak at all. What do we do now? Now it is still raining pretty heavy, perhaps continuing for another day or two.... Even if we could find someone to fix it right away, all this rain would make it impossible to do anything at this point. What can we do NOW, and after it stops raining?


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Put tarps over the roof.

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What kind of roof do you have?

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That much water is usually a flashing failure but you will need to get up on the roof to see it. Roofs look great from the ground. Hire a roofer to go up there and give you the bad news. Your insurance should cover the cost above your deductible.

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