Different Craftsman Garage Door Opener Problem

jeffmilumDecember 13, 2005

I've got the usual 1/2 HP Craftsman Garage Door Opener. I've looked at all the messages on this forum and most seem to involve the sensor light and partial operations.

However I have the following issue. When using the wall panel switch, everything works no problem. Using the remote only causes the motor units light to blink for maybe 10 times. There is also a small green light on the wall swithch that appears to be blinking, but it's so fast I'm not sure that it's blinking, and I'm not sure that it isn't always like this and I just haven't noticed.

If anyone has any idea, please let me know.



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I suspect that someone inadvertly put the opener in "vacation/lock" mode. This mode disables remotes and allows on the wall switch to work.

A blinking light on the wall switch is the indicator that "lock" mode is on.

If you have a small button that says "lock" on the wall switch. Push it. The green light should stop blinking and your remote should work.


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If the main light on your motor is blinking 10 times when you try to close the door you have a door sensor problem. They both have a small light that should be on and not blinking. If both lights are not on, tweak them until they are.

sdello, if the lock feature is turned on at the wall switch the remotes will not work at all.

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Actually sdello nailed it.

The remotes wouldn't work, as in the door would not open up at all (I think I said this in the post). But the remotes would cause the light to blink (I'm not sure if it was 10 times exactly, between 5 and 20).

Anyways, the lock fixed it. Duh... I feel kind of stupid.

Thanks for your help

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Don: thanks.
I saw the reference to the 10 blinks of the light, but it was the blinking at the wall switch that made me suspect the "lock" instead of the sensors. Too much of a coincidence.

Out of curiosity, with the lock on does the motor LED still blink in response to the signal from a remote? I think that might be what the OP was referring to.

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the OP was not referring to the LED, but was referring to the regular bulbs on the side of the motor. Trying to use the remote when locked at the wall unit caused them to blink in the same manner (or close to it) as when the door close is interrupted by the sensor.

I'm actually not sure what LED you are referring to. I don't actually see an LED on the motor, just on the wall unit.

Thanks for your help

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sdello the LED on the motor unit does blink rapidly when a remote is used and the lock feature is turned on. The receiver section of the logic board sees the signal but can't do anything with it. The frustration is trying to solve some of these problems long distance but I know you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Some Craftsman GDOs have an LED at the back of the unit near the programming button. It acts as a diagnostic tool, blinking in different patterns which correspond to different fault codes.

I know that 10 blinks of the main light bulbs indicates that the safety sensors have been tripped, I didn't realize that they also cycle if you try the remote when your in "lock" mode. (never tried it.)

Glad you're back in action.


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sdello, try it you'll find out they don't.

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Can't comment on what "they" do. But I re-tested mine.

The main lights blink twice when you try to use the remote and it's in lock mode. I think I thought it was 10 times because I kept pushing the open button in frustration :)

Thanks again to sdello who diagnosed my problem perfectly with bad info.

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I have a Sears Craftsman opener. The wall/switch light blinks constantly but still opens & closes the door. However, the remote doesn't do NADA, Nothing. I checked the voltage in the battery & it was 3.1 volts. Can you advise? Thanks

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I have model 139.53778 with the multi-function transmitter. I have receiver code swithches and this unit is about 12 years old. When my neighbor opens his garage my door opens sometimes. I have asked him to change his code to no avail. Does anyone have a 9 digit code B that I can use that might solve this problem. Thanks

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The LD light flashes 5 times? Door does not respond to any button wall or remote. When I push either it is just a click.
One of the door sensor is green the other yellow.. could that be the problem? I have cleaned, and checked and still nothing.

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Sounds like your door must be stuck in the open position. If so:

Check to see if the trolley is jammed against the bolt just in front of the motor unit. If so loosen the chain enough to remove the tension of the trolley. Now run the motor until the door closes. While the door is closed, locate the 'up limit' control on the side of the motor unit. Turn this control 2 full turns in the opposite direction of the arrow printed on the cover. Tighten the chain.

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Hey guys,
My Garage Door Opener(Craftsman 1/2 HP) only closes the door halfway, then bounces back. I pulled the trigger to manual, closed and opened door completely by hand once to make sure nothing block the rail track,also nothing blocking the door way, then switched back to auto, pressed the wall switch, it worked fine at the first try(closed and opened door successfully), but it closed half way and bounced back again at the second and third try, then stay that way. I noticed the light blinks few(2-3) times every 10 seconds on the opener box, I got same testing result no matter pressing on wall switch or remote. Is this have something to do with the sensor? please advise, thanks!

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I've problem with 1/2HP Craftsman 139.53992. We had power surge few days ago which messed up my openers. In 1st one the main light does not turn off. It stays on all the time. In 2nd one, lights on Safety Sensors were gone so I endup replacing it. However when the after the door closes, the rail bends/curves and becomes stiff. The motor starts humming. I had to pull release rope by force to bring the rail in normal position. I am attaching the pic. hopefully it will give some clue.

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It's tough when there's a power surge or a lightning storm because you never know if the main logic board got damaged. This might be the case with the light that won't turn off.

As far as door #2 the down limit needs to adjusted. The trolley is going too far down and after the door is fully closed the force goes into the track and makes it bow upward. The limits are on the side of the opener. Adjust by ~1/4 turn. Note the change. Repeat this as needed until, under a normal cycle, the trolley stops when the door is closed.

Hope that helps.

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