thanks to all of you :))))

cottagecindyJuly 25, 2012

Terricks, funcolors, and all of you - I listened to your advice and it worked!!

I know my thread is full and now dead (LOL-just like the old house) Terricks I so wanted you to see it!! :))))))))))))))))))))) you are the bomb!!

so I wanted to thank you all sooooo much. I love the little cottage now, and yes, I mowed and edged the grass today (*@#$ husband does NOTHING) when bushes/shrub starts to get bigger, and mulch goes in around those, and a arbor trellis gets put up, I'll post more pics.

BUT............... there's now the backyard to contend with. and WHAT a bloody nightmare. Landlord is doing next summer, but I'm picturing thinks in my head now.... I'll post a thread on that soon.It'll be titled "I HATE MY BACKYARD" and you will so understand.


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Hey, you'll have all winter to plan that great backyard, right? Be sure to check out the Garden forums for California Gardening and Garden Designs. If Calif Gardening is anything like my state forum, there are loads of folks with some great experience and ideas for you over there who will be helpful both with planning and plant selections for your area. There may be some local plant swaps or sales where you could get some great deals this fall and save them in pots for planting next spring. The Garden Design forum used to have some wonderful landscape architects and designers who posted frequently. Don't know if they still do, but there were some helpful folks there who can guide you through the basics.

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One thing I thought made a big difference, and I didnt notice mentioned (admit I skimmed), was the white brackets you added at the roof line. That made a big difference IMHO!

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I had to go back to look for the brackets. Quite honestly, I didn't notice them. I guess it was because they look so perfect on the house, I thought they were always there. You and your LL did a wonderful job, he should thank his lucky stars to have you as a tenant!

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Thanks mtnredux!!
I banged my fists on that one and he said "okkkkkk, I'll add those when painting and they are his custom design...a wee bit different (likes it that way) plus he put them on the window boxes smaller scale (demanded those too) you gotta love my landlord. :) he IS a contractor, builds cabinets, plumbing, electrical, anal to the letter, he is soooooo cool.

outsideplaying -- my backyard sooo ghetto right now,is cracked up concrete all put in at different times, earthquake cracks too (uneven), roots pushing up from 100+ trees on outside properties, all dirt (and too much of it)no plants or grass-only an overgrown myer lemon tree in the worst place (by the back door) but that is a "must stay" a basement/crawlspace entry,those outside double door access , tiny too small back step,different height fences oh the termites had a feast (you lean against it anywhere it will fall) AND to top it off, most of the "fence" that goes between the patio cement and the driveway to the back cottage on same property with small cottage apts along the skinny driveway between property lines -not my owner (I know I have confused you to death) but it is way worn out bamboo attached to a trellis---I live in a freakin fish bowl in the back. GHETTO. plus this aluminum awning that covers part of the patio, in the middle of this tiny yard that rocks in the wind, with carpenter bees homes in the posts up high......

he said next summer, I design, he approves, he'll do the work....

and no, this isn't being sold. It's million dollar property, his dad's house (still alive) but sentimental to the kids, income forever, and this cottage is so not sellable, only the land, so he is so happy to fix up and spend his time and money. no that's a waste if you are going to sell a tear down.

i need help on the inside in a few rooms too (only have a few rooms lol)

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ok I just HAD to show you this--check out the backyard (too many pics to post here, so look at my photo bucket )

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I havent been spending as much time here lately so maybe I missed your thread.
It's wonderful when things come together so nicely- and now I am frustrated because I dont see ANY of the pictures you all are discussing.
So please please I wanna see pix!!!
(and I loved your description of DH)

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sheilaaus122- the original thread with pics and advice (which got full at too many posts lol) --->

"I'm depressed I *HATE* the color of house"

but I LOVE it now :)

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Something about those brackets really elevates the whole look! Bravo

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