If you don't hand-write in your scrapbooks...

pammyfayDecember 2, 2006

...do you use an alternative lettering system?

I really, really, really do not like my writing style.

Is there a labeler, say, that will give you a few different font styles to choose from? I'm thinking that'd make the job a lot easier!

Does anybody have an electronic labeler that has changeable fonts on it?

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For journaling, I just use my computer.

For titles, I use a variety of things - sticker letters (not so much anymore, but occasionally), rub on letters, Quickutz die cutting system or my Wishblade cutter.

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Of course--the computer!
thanks, steph!

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I do the same as Steph - use the computer for journaling and for titles, etc., I use rub ons or my Wishblade. Of course you'll have the purists who say that journaling HAS to be done in your own handwriting, but I say hog wash. I'd rather it be readable. There's a group of us at work that scrapbook and we have lunch together once a month. One of my friends does all of her journaling by hand and someone was trying to read it and she kept having to interpret because her handwriting isn't readable. What's the point?! I do write a few things in my own handwriting - like under a picture of me holding my grandson, I'll put "Nana and Collin - July 3, 2005" but that's about it. The important part is just to DO the journaling, be it your own handwriting or by computer.


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The computer is always good for journaling but remember that future generations will be curious about you and your handwriting is a part of YOU!

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I really print well but the thin pens make my writing look not so nice. I took the pens that have the flat edge that makes your printing look like caligraphy. WOW, makes my printing look fabulous. Maybe that would work for you.

I agree that it is your handwriting that viewers will want to see. Try some different pens.

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