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willie_nunezJanuary 6, 2008


Sorry I'm late, just noticed your request.

We're taking our sweet time finishing the house, as have to wait for money to come in. For example, I'm just now ordering the Dixie Pacific maintenance-free railings and ballustrades for the front porch.

My wife is the interior decorator, but she mostly used furniture and stuff that we had in storage (from our previous house, which was twice as big as this one). She crammed as much furniture and things into this 1,715 sq ft house as she could, thus the frumpy retro look (which is what we like anyway). Modern and comtemporay is a bit cold for us.

We still need to do the window blinds (serious money there).

There are no pics of the small front bedroom, which my wife uses as her quilting room and office (yep, it's cluttered).

And, no pics of the smaller bathroom (I didn't have time to clean it for this set of photos).

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I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect little home, so well laid out, and nothing suggesting 'small' about it! You've done a fantastic job!

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I like your house. I don't know why, but it kind of reminds me of a Jane Austin novel.

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The previously-shown bedspread belonged to the bed in the motorhome (both are king beds). The one she had ordered arrived, and she really likes it. Here's the upgrade:

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Willie, thanks so much. Your house is as gorgeous as I imagined. I'll definitely have to refer people from the decorating forum who are struggling with their designs to come here to see you and your wife's beautiful style. Thanks again.

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Willie, Your house is beautiful and so cozy and warm looking. I love it. Thanks for sharing. It has given me some ideas and I am sure it will help others.

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I love the colors in your home. Very warm, feminine. I hope you're not a man, not offended by my opinion.

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Posted by jannie (My Page) on Sun, Jan 13, 08 at 22:47

I love the colors in your home. Very warm, feminine. I hope you're not a man, not offended by my opinion.


It's OK, I was not a bit offended. My wife's name is Betty Sue, she's the interior decorator. But, she's a Louisiana Bayou girl, and equally at home camping/fishing as she is quilting.

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Willie ~ How great to see a picture of you and your DW Betty Sue. You both have done a stupendous job with your new home. I love the open feeling, it doesn't feel small at all. Your bathroom is wonderful. I love both bedspreads! Thank you for sharing your lovely, soothing home with us.


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You make a very good looking couple!

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The use of dark wood in the bath nicely reflects the style of the rest of the home. Especially the panels in the whirlpool surround, which I don't ever recall seeing just that way. No glass around the shower though? Is that practical?

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Thank you, everyone, for all the compliments. It's extremely rewarding to be able to participate in something which is enjoyed by more than two people.
To worthy,
I've treated this whole house project as a hobby, kinda. Not only did we get to try our hand at designing a truly custom small house, but I (we) also did much of the work myself, including the plumbing. I hate bad plumbing, and there was only one way of making sure I wouldn't need to revisit that department in the future. I did the entire layout of the bathrooms and the kitchen. The tub surround 'box', and the intallation of the Jacuzzi, including the tile,.... took me forever,.....but I'm sure it will be there longer than 'forever'. The code sez that the Jacuzzi pump, and related plumbing, has to be readily accessable, and that's what led me to use a couple of cabinet doors that snap in, for allowing this quick access. The reason there is no shower enclosure is that my wife insists that it be of 1/2" 'frameless' glass. Needless to say, the quotes were quite high, and I'm still waiting for money to 'come in'. Meanwhile, we use the handheld shower head, and we get by OK. My wife 'soaks' in the tub a couple of times per week (therapy for her back, of course).
Speaking of DW (the interior decorator), she finally found just the right settee for our small entry/foyer:

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I think your house is similar to what I am looking for. Do you have a sketch of the plan? Or can you tell me who designed it?

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I remember some time ago you posted pictures either just after you had moved in or were in the process. (The reason I remember is a love those white-on-white striped chairs.) Wow--your wife did an outstanding job decorating. It's beautiful!

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willie, another question, what type of flooring is that in your foyer? Thanks

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The foyer floor is porcelin tile with inlaid granite. The rest of the house has floor done in the same tile, except that the tiles are 20" x 20". This floor has met all our expections, but I've must say it was costly. Part of the extra cost was in making sure the floor was flat PRIOR to tile installation. This big tile does not tolerate floor irregularities.

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Thanks Willie, I knew by looking at it that it wasn't cheap!! Very pretty.

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This is the exact same house that I am planning as we speak. If you don't mind. Did you create the plan yourselves? When I saw your living room and kitchen plan I about fell over. Same exact as mine! Can I ask the dimensions of the house. How big is your porch and what is the roof pitch? thanks,

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Yes, we designed it all ourselves,....after a lot of thought and research. We had a very-well defined purpose and mission, such that only a custom design would work.
We never found a set of existing plans that came close. I suppose the main reason is that our way is the least cost-effective way to build a small house.
The house is 47 ft across the front and 38 ft deep. The rear-attached garage is 27 ft x 37 ft. The front porch adds 7 ft to the depth, and the side porch is 16 ft wide and 12 ft deep. The roof pitch is 7:12, except for the front porch roof which is 3:12.
The walls and ceilings are 10 ft high, and all the doors and windows are 8 ft high. The garage doors are over-size, 10 ft x 8 ft and 18 ft x 8 ft.

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I love your home, I think it is simply stunning. Aha, your DW is an interior designer, so that's the secret! What an eye for color and design. You must be very comfortable there. Good luck on the glass doors for the shower. In the meantime I hope you enjoy soaking in your tub! Life's tough, LOL!

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