Our kitchen before and after

FlowerLady6January 27, 2010

Good morning folks. I thought I would share my blog posting about our kitchen/scullery project. Ways we have recycled from curbside shopping, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen before and after

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oh I love it flowerlady. removing that wall really opened it up didnt it. As I was reading through I just thought what a great use for some of those fabulous finds. It's amazing what people throw away sometimes (not that i ever find anything good like that here hehe). I love that beautiful hutch it's adorable

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Flowerlady I loved the tour of your kitchen. Looks so fun to cook in. I keep wanting to do the same here. Would much rather have the look you have then all matchie matchie. I certainly have enough cabinets around the house to pull this off. Wonder if I can talk DH into it??? He does not like the cabinets we have now they are not real. Doors and drawer fronts are real wood the rest is not. Your look is so much more interesting.

Just off the top of my head I have a Hoosier a jelly cabinet, two china cabinets. An old desk that I used as an island in our last house and it is a kitchen cabinet in this house, mosaic top. OH And I have a top from a kitchen cabinet in the master bath. Sure would make the rest of the house look cleaned out to pull all of these things into the kitchen and remove the cabinets we have now.

OK I just sort of jokingly put the idea into his head. He did not run from the room screaming. Going to have to give this some more thought.

Again Thanks for the tour of your Scullery.Was a real joy.


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I love your kitchen Flowerlady. It's amazing how much difference it made to open the wall up. The garden window must be great for growing herbs.

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What a difference! Did the refrigerator move from the old part to the new part? I can't imagine having space in my house I wasn't using, although our front room is a bit like that. You've made great use of the space though.

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Flowerlady, pictures of your house always make me want to snuggle into a comfy chair and read a book. I wish my house looked as comfortable and inviting.

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Your kitchen is lovely! I especially like your hutch. It looks so homey and comfy there.

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