Craftsman snow thrower won't shut off !!

eschwedeDecember 7, 2009

My Craftsman snow thrower won't shut off when I remove the key, obviously something is wrong with the sensor. has anyone heard of this and how to repair. Secondly is there a way to shut off the snow thrower safely besides using the key ?? I am fearful that removing the spark plug is not asmart decision. thanks !

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On my craftsman lawn tractor when you turn the key to stop it puts a ground on the input of the ignition unit. You may have a bad switch, or you are not turning the key all the way to stop or you have a loose wire / broken wire.

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I guess by the time I'm answering this, it ran out of gas and is no longer a problem. (just kidding)

Another way to shut it down if apprehensive to pull the plug wire, would be to put it on FULL CHOKE. Some engines do not have a choke lever or cable (auto choke). In that case remove the air cleaner and put your hand over the carb (you'll feel a slight suction) until the engine stops.

Another method would be to take a pair of pliers or similar tool and squeeze the fuel line (will stop the fuel) until it quits.

I always suggest everyone put a fuel shut-off valve on power equipment such as snow blowers. That way you can burn all the fuel from the carb. and fuel lines. This is especially true for equipment (like snow blowers) that only get run 2 or 3 times a year. It would come in handy in situations like you are having now too.

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