1 year old roof leaking, What do I do now?

transfercollegeDecember 22, 2009

I had a full tear off with torched down rubber roofs in the front and back, shingles on pitched roofs. The front roof has a leak that appears to have come from the corner of a dormer where the flat roof meets the siding and shingle roof. My roofer went out of business so my 20 year warrenty is useless what should I do? My Father paid 12,000 for this roof and died 5 months or so later at the age of 49. My Mother should not have to deal with the stress of this (high blood pressure herself) and I am anxiety ridden over this myself. I have no idea what I should do now or how to pay for one thing that I shouldn't have to. Could I track down the owner of the company (it was a big company ALLSTATE roofing and siding in NJ) and if they're still in the trade make them do it? Already contacted BBB over an issue with the gutter and they said they were out of business. Need advice ASAP.


Kevin (a very stressed out college student/future teacher)

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The 20 year warranty is more than likely the shingle mfgr's warranty and not the roofers install. Typically roofers out here will cover their install for one year. It sounds more like a flashing issue than a roofing concern by your description. If they are out of business, you are probably out of luck and will be wasting valuable time in trying to get it fixed free. Find a reputable outfit in your area that is well established and has been referred to you by friends, co-students/workers and get them to take a look and give you an estimate.

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*Warrenty Info

This company actually offered a 20 year workmanship warranty for no additional charge. It is in the contract. Unfortunately they did not last 20 years.

The shingle warranty is actually 30 years. Rubber Roofs 5 years.

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EPDM roofing membranes depend on adhesives at joints and terminations. As the membrane ages it shrinks and even a tiny hole or split can let a lot of water in. Corners where three planes meet are always a problem since the membrane is pulling away in several directions often exposes a small hole. Sometimes the hole is hidden by old sealant.

If you knew where the hole was you could chemically clean the weathered membrane and apply a self-adhering EPDM seam patch then seal the edges with special sealant. All the materials should be available at a good lumberyard but probably not at Home Depot or Lowes.

There's no reason to get anxious; find a roofer that specializes in EPDM membrane roofing and get it fixed. Make sure the roofer adds a patch not just some sealant. Then you'll know who to call next time there's a problem. The roofer should check an EPDM membrane for bad seams and breaks every 5 or so years.

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I agree there's little reason to be anxious as you tackle this particular problem. Take a deep breath. This is just one of those challenges that occur from time to time. Keep a level head as you employ the excellent advice given.

Good luck with it, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after you've handled it.

Also, it sounds like you may be involved with solving other home matters down the road. Not a big deal if you start to assemble your "go to" list of folks now. Sometimes it's as easy as striking up a conversation with a tradesman that's handling another job in the neighborhood.

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Contact your homeowner's insurance company and submit a claim.

You pay them to not only find a qualified person to repair your roof, but also to take whatever legal action available against the original installer that may be available to you.

Call your insurer.

Make the claim.

And be done with the worry.

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If the repair cost is less than (or close to) the deductible on your home owner's insurance policy you don't want to be notifying your insurance company. Remember, when an insurance company pays off on a claim your rates will go up so save the claims for costs you cannot afford to pay for yourself - that's the purpose of insurance.

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Insurance probably won't pay to fix the roof. They likely would pay for any damage that occurred inside the house from the leak.

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Sounds like a flashing problem. I had a similar problem. Friend was a roofer show me how to fix it. Installed a piece of flashing under the shingels where the roofs come together and then caulk. Something a professional roofer can repair in an hour or so.

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