Wreaths on the Inside of the Front Door

Fun2BHereJuly 10, 2014

I've been seeing some instances where houses have wreaths on the inside of the front entry door in addition to ones on the outside. The idea is that many people enter the house through their garage or a door other than the front door so don't get to enjoy seeing a wreath placed on the outside of the front door.

What do you think about having a wreath on the inside of the front door? All opinions are welcome.

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I think the rationale you describe is iffy, but I've seen wreaths in lots of places in some homes. Most of them just happen to have been decorated twenty years ago. ;-)

It's not my speed, but I don't think it would strike me as particularly egregious. But my home is wreath-free except at Christmas time, so I'm not a great judge.

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Since you asked, I think it's a stretch to assume that people are going to "enjoy" a wreath on the inside of the front door. I am not a fan of wreaths, inside or out; they are usually fake, dusty, and country.

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To me, it's not where the wreath is hung but what the wreath itself looks like. A wreath is no different than any other wall art, IMO.

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I love wreaths! And I love the idea of a wreath on the inside of the door. I think I'm going to steal that idea.

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I wouldn't hang it on the inside of a front door; I think that would look strange. But I have hung one on a wall. And I think they look nice over a fireplace or on a mirror for the holidays. In the Fall, I put one that is made of dried Chinese lanterns on my dining room table and I put a cranberry glass hurricane in it. There are lots of ways to use a wreath inside the house.

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I'm not really a wreath person but a few years ago I saw this wreath in the Ballard Catalog and was drawn to its simplicity. I had thought it would go on my front door but since it was Christmas season I moved it indoors to make room for a real wreath outside. It has stayed there ever since and can't imagine the door without it now!

So try it, you might like it!

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I instantly thought of my elderly MIL when I read your post. "Let no area of wall space be undecorated" seems to be her motto. She has wreaths - fake, dusty and country blue - on bedroom and bathroom doors of her house.

I don't see anything wrong with the concept, but I would mention that her's rattle a bit when the door is used.

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OT, but I want to say to jjam that I LOVE the rug you have there and I LOVE that it's BIG. So many discussions here about rugs in foyers are that "they shouldn't cover that gorgeous floor", but yours proves you should! That a larger entry rug enhances a floor and room, IMO.

Also, the windows are great.

But now you're going to hate me: I'm with you on the wreath, agree it's beautiful because of its simplicity, fine on the inside of the doorâ¦but I think you need to raise it by about 3-4 inches.

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I am neutral on the issue, but it reminds me of a neighborhood here where people hang the curtains in their front windows inside out so the "nice" side faces the street, and many of the windows are set up like little stages with decorations for every season and holiday, all facing outward.

Not that this is the same thing really, but the underlying issue is "who sees it".

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Thanks Tibbrix, and I think you're right. I don't notice it IRL but in the photo it does look like the wreath could come up a bit!

I think one point here is how doors can be used to display decor in general. I have noticed photos and artwork displayed on doors in house mags. I haven't done that in my home but it does look nice in the photos I've seen. I always thought interior doors were "off limits" as a place to hang things, but in a room with lots of doors, it can break things up and add some interest to them. For example, in our hallway, there are three doors in a small area, taking up nearly all the available wall space; the front door, hall closet door, and powder room door. Maybe that's why the front door being a little different looks good to me.

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It's when one starts putting door knockers on the inside that we have a problem.

But why not a wreath?

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LOL, never thought about a door knocker on the inside! That would be a head scratcher.

I think wreaths can be overdone so easily; it's definitely a "less is more" item, except at Christmas.

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Completely agree about overdoing the wreath thing, and if I had my way, the country wreath would be banned altogether. But there are some beautiful wreaths out there. I hung a natural bittersweet wreath on my barn wood door one autumn. It was wild and gorgeous. I love my wreath from Plow & Hearth made of dried leaves with their edges laced with gold leaf to sparkle. I hang it in my DR in fall and winter. And my chocolate brown wood roses wreath I have in my LR all year.

I do think that, when it comes to wreaths, simpler is better. But taste is subjective and personal, of course.

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Thanks to everyone who posted and especially to Jjam for her/his pictures. I'm especially partial to preserved boxwood items so I love that wreath.

Palimpsest, speaking of who sees what, I'll never forget that when my parents put up a wooden fence in their first yard, they put the pretty side to the outside so people on the street saw a smooth wall of pickets, but inside the yard, one saw the support posts and brackets.

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Okay, I have one, I'll confess. I had this rustic grapevine wreath on the back door (outside but sheltered) for a long time, but decided I wanted more color there. I thought I might put the grapevine wreath on the screen porch, but there was no room for it. So I "temporarily" put it on the inside of my front door about a month ago, and it's still there. It might be more awkward of we used that entry a lot, but everyone uses the back door. I may or may not leave it there for the long term, but for now I kinda like it.

Sorry this is a lousy pic and I need to slide the wreath over a bit to better overlap with the exterior one!

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SueB20, having a wreath on both sides of a glass door makes a lot of sense considering you might not want to look at the back of a wreath every time you walked past. I never even thought of that as my door is solid wood. Thanks for posting your picture.

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I have 2 wreaths (boxwood, similar to Jjam wreath), one outside and one inside, in a fashion similiar to SueB.

My door(s) half glass and half wood door. Dual doors, side panels. Split both wreaths so the door can open without mangling the wreath.

Doors are similar to the ones depicted at the link below.

I leave the boxwood as is but at Christmas, I put red gross grain bows/ribbon edged in gold on both wreaths at the same point. It just looks like a complete wreath since it shows through the glass.


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I put a gilded wreath on the inside of my front door in my former home, for many years - but only during the Christmas season then it went back into storage. I still have it but haven't used it in this house. Somehow the doors don't lend themselves to inside wreaths here.

Fun2, city code in my location requires the 'good side' of the fence faces out to the street - I assumed ordinances were much the same everyplace. The opposite is allowed in the back yard, and the side yard if the house is not a corner location. If a corner location, then same, the good side is presented to the street front and side.

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Morz8, thanks for the information about codes. While the fence was in the back of the house, the house was indeed located on a corner. I'll have to ask my parents if they were aware of a code. Maybe they were more well informed than I thought...lol.

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