Help with unique Christmas idea

nancy1952December 7, 2009

Not sure of best place to post this ....

For Christmas this year for my 3 grandchildren - boy (4), girl (7) and girl (13), I have this idea going through my head and need some ideas from you guys. What I'm thinking of doing is creating a calendar for each of them using 12 pictures of them. On the bottom of the calendar part, I am thinking of putting clip-off coupons (probably 2 per month) good for things like - "overnighter at Grammy's house"; $25 shopping spree; "Afternoon at the Park"; Bake Cookes with Grammy"; "pedicure with Grammy" Things like this. Anyone have any ideas. I am trying to avoid the "quanity gifts at Christmas syndrome and trying to go for the "quality gifts" throughout the year idea. Your thoughts!

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how about a day/night at the movies------rented movie / popcorn at grannies------ craft day with granny-----garage sale day with granny----- go to lunch with granny----camp out in the back yard ----go to the zoo-----visit a nursing home.
thats about all i can think of right now. hope it helps.

you have a wonderful idea.

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