Computer/digital camera/printer question

jewels_ksDecember 3, 2003

We just purchased a new computer and printer. I am thinking of changing my scrapbooking ways and need some input.

I would like to start printing my own pictures with a user-friendly printer and digital camera. Right now I use the common way of a 35mm and professional developing.

I would plan on buying a photo printing quality printer and also photo paper.

Do any of you print your own pics? Is the quality the same or comparable? Are the computer pics going to have the longevity of professional pictures?

TIA, Jewels

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if the pics have longevity, although I don't see the difference if they're in an acid free environment and printed on good quality paper. We do print our own pictures and the the quality is much better. They are clearer and have more bold color, not to mention the pictures are ALL good since we can delete the undesirables.

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The photos from a digital camera are far superior ~ you're not taking a chance on "processing" errors. Colors are so much clearer and brighter!!

As long as you buy QUALITY photo paper (read Kodak ~ best we've found yet) and you're scrapping with acid free paper, you'll do just fine.

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I switched over to digital a year ago. I have had better results sending my pics to an online developer than printing at home on my Epson Photo printer. I use developers that use a chemical process (silver halide?) similar to developing 35mm. The pics look great and "feel" like my 35mm prints. They should have similar longevity too(50+ years). and are good developers that use the chemical process. Look for the Fuji Crystal Archival process/paper or Kodak Royal. Shutterfly is good too but they don't offer matte finish (which is my personal preference for scrapping).

There is a forum under called "printers and printing" where people get into the nitty-gritty of digital photo printing.

Good luck!

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But..I keep reading the fact that the ink jet ink just won't last. I am printing my own pictures, too..and hoping for the best, but I just bought a Picture It program and it says the pictures will last anywhere from two months (two months!!!!!!!) to forty Well, the forty years would probably take care of me and mine (the grandkids might like them longer than that though) but I have yet to see one that lasted only two months. I did a little experimenting and printed one off and pinned it up on my bulletin board in the light and lasted about four months that way until it was a "ghost" picture. I have one printed on plain ol paper, but under glass on my desk here, and it has faded some, but is still nice. The book for the Picture It said that the ink will start "shifting" at about the two month point. I LOVE my digital pictures and you can print so many different sizes and do so much "adjusting" on them. But...I'm afraid ten years down the road, all of my work will be for naught. This is one of my favorite pictures and I treasure it....time will tell, I guess

I wrote, "Christmas is Magic" underneath it. The book I was reading said to use the very best photo paper, and, of course, I do that, but I'm still a little worried about this. I've been doing this for about two years and keep going back and checking the pictures. I can't see that they are deteriorating as yet...

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Maybee, How did you do the black and white with the package only colored. I do a lot of work with pictures but have not done anything like this. Very neat picture!!!


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