Sewing with fake fur

kathieloSeptember 10, 2008

I am about to start a halloween costume, a koala bea, for my granddaughter. I've sewn with low napped fake fur before without a problem, but this particular one is a heavy nap, about 1" long and thick.

Anyone have any advice, suggestions, tips or tricks on working with fur to make sewing it easier? I am going to line it because of the rough backing. Would you suggest doing a separate lining and sewing it in or sewing each piece to its corresponding fur piece and then sewing them together.

What is the easiest way to cut out this pattern? I just did another costume with a shorter nap fur and pinning the pattern to the fur was hard enough. Cutting the pieces out and getting them exact is another problem.

What is the best way to finish the seams? Will a serger handle fur without jamming?

Hope I din't bite off more than I can chew...

Thanks for your help...Kathie

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Trim the fur out of the seam allowance before stitching, whatever machine you choose. You shouldn't need to finish the seams, so I'd use a narrow zz to stitch it, just enough to allow a bit of stretch in the seams. I've had good results with a regular straight stitch and a walking foot, too. But, if you trim the fur really short, you can probably run it through your serger.

If the backing is rough, you won't want the seams to rub against her skin either, so I'd say separate lining. It would it be easier to just put her in leggings and a long-sleeved turtleneck under the costume--that's what we used to do in the theater when I worked there.


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If it is long hair fur, the best way to cut out the pattern is to draw the pattern on the back of the fur, then with short blade scissors, cut the fabric from the back, not putting your scissors far into the fabric so that you are cutting off gobs of fur.
Oh yeah, it will be soooooooo messy, fur everywhere. You'll be eating fur!
Kathy G in MI

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