Bedroom / Bed Mattress - Simple foam is great I think Need help

gardurnitJanuary 3, 2010

Mattress from foam - custom made

Comfortable Mattress. Surprisingly simple and perhaps cheap -you help find it for us all.

A plain latex (I think) mattress was the most comfortable I've slept on in years.

I visited my Aunt for Christmas and slept on a bed that was exceedingly comfortable. By the third day I was

wondering what the brand was so I could consider getting one. To my surprise it was simply a large block of

foam mattress. The top felt a bit softer than the main body of the mattress but I think this was simply due to the

fact that the top is where you can push easily so it feels a bit softer.

The sleeper feels the mattress is very firm. And it was so very comfortable that I did not want to get out of bed.

Let me reiterate that the mattress material was the same all the way through. It was not softer on top and it was

the same material throughout the whole mattress. I'm very sure it was not a 'visco' or other special foam.

I've researched those and am a materials scientist so I'm aware of the subtle differences.

What I'm not aware of is the mattress marketplace.

This is where I need help with two ideas.

1. Could my comfort simply be the novelty of a new mattress? I wondered about this and frankly a firm mattress is

not something I would pick normally. I'm not even sure it can be called firm because it's just a block of foam.

2. Where can I buy a block of foam. It's not a special foam. It's not any of the special foam mattresses that you

see advertised. It was an inexpensive and basic piece of foam with a covering and no name.

Custom help :

What do basketball players sleep on ?

I would be willing to take delivery of a plain piece of foam about 8" x custom size and have a cover made for it.

I am 6'2 " tall and even a King or California King is not really the right size for me. Since this is just a piece of foam

with a covering I wonder if I could get a custom made mattress in a size that fits me better or maybe you know

of larger than King or California King. IF you do please make a comment. Thank you.

If I can find this in a king size for under $200 I'll feel like I found a fair deal. Can you help locate this kind of product

for us all who would be willing to take my advice and try this style of mattress?




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My dh is 6'4" and is comfortable on a queen mattress. If you just want a piece of foam, I'd call an upholstery shop or store that sells upholstery material. But first I think I'd ask the aunt where she got it in case it is a memory foam.

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I use a 4" slab on top of my mattress (because I wanted to shape it for personal reasons - used an electric knife) and got it from a place that just sells foam, all kinds, cut to whatever size you want. The 'quality' stuff for sleeping is rated not by 'density' but by weight, and anything over about 2.5 lbs. or so is pretty good. Look under foam, or foam rubber in the book (just make sure they sell retail as well as wholesale).

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We just bought one of those expensive foam mattresses. It does have the memory foam on the top and fused to the bottom layer of foam. We have a full size and it was on sale for $549. Free shipping. Thing came all rolled up and stuffed in a box and it was amazing to see it undo itself and settle down.

We love it. We also saw them in box at Walmart. Not sure of the quality. There was a sample piece to look at. Was in the $200. price range.

WE have had ours for a couple of weeks or so and every night it is a pleasure to get in bed. We are sleeping so much better. Some of the aches and pains are getting better. There is good support and yet it gives to accommodate hips and shoulders.

The cover is just a heavy weight fabric with a LONG zipper on one side. I did buy a nice thick cotton mattress pad and that would really be all you needed for a cover. I bought the deep model, our mattress is 8 inch thick. The deeper model mattress pad, About $20.00 pulls under nicely with the elastic so it stays put. I was afraid it would slip around and it does not. So we are very pleased with what we are sleeping on.


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I have a latex matress topper and I love it. I've had latex pillows for a while and I wasnt happy with our too hard bed and I kept thinking if the pillows are so soft and lovely then a topper would have to be the same. I tried the eggcarton topper but it seemed to flatten out after a while and ended up getting a latex one and it's so cushiony and firm if that makes sense. It just gives a soft comfortable layer to the top of the mattress.

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Here is an internet source that I discovered, although I haven't ordered from them yet. They sell latex mattresses, and you can buy foam slabs in just about any size. However, if you want natural latex, it is pretty pricey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foam supplier

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Here is a site that deals with mattresses. There is a forum where people discuss foams and mattresses and etc. There are some people there that have made their own foam mattress. I know that various foam vendors have been discussed, so you may find some direction there.

Best of luck to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: what's the best mattress

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