Garage Door Sensors

Reg1987December 9, 2005

My Craftsman garage door opener reverses and flashes the light.

The sending sensor is bright green. The receiving sensor is also green. The receiver appears to have a slight flicker, but mostly solid.

However, the receiver does not go dark if I block the light from the sender. It stays green.

Any suggestions?



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Was the door working fine, and now its acting as described in your post? What model? how old?

Does the door close all the way if you hold the wall button?

Does the light flash 10x?

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Door has been working fine for several years (Probably 5-10).

It is a Sears Model 139.5353SRT 1/2 HP Craftsman.

Door closes fine if you hold down the wall button.

If you use the remote or just punch the wall button, the door just begins to start and then reverses and flashes 10x.

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This happened to my Genie - did you happen to check the wiring going into the sensor? My connection became loose and I couldn't get the door to stay down....

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If the light on the receiving sensor is staying lit when you place something in front of it you have either a bad sensor, a bad logic board or the sensors are miswired. Do you get a flashing code from the LED near where all those white wires go?

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Just went out to check on the LED light, and it all worked fine. The only thing that has changed since this morning is that it is warmer outside.

However, the receiver LED still does not shut off when you put your hand in front of the sensor.

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My garage door won't close automatically when there is bright sun.
Door faces south so this is a problem mid morning to late afternoon. When it is dark out the auto closer works fine. I have tried blocking the sun from the snesors. This does work but it is not the solution. any suggestions.

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