Craftman Garage opener...bad antenna?

jaslinDecember 11, 2013

I have two craftsman garage openers. I finally got one to work with the remote...but the other opener is giving me lots of trouble. The remote will only work if I am holding the remote right next to the opener unit. The outside keyless opener also stopped working. It flashes a lot. Is it possible that I have a bad antenna? Does the outside keyless, battery operated pad also communicate via antenna? The remote, literally has to be right next to the unit. Standing under it doesn't work.

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How old are the openers?
Have you replaced all the batteries in the remotes and the keypad?
Did they work before and this is a new development?

The antenna is just a wire that comes out of the unit. Is it still there?

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I think I had that problem once when my opener was aout 12 years old. I researched and decided it was probably the remote control circuit (that's my terminology--maybe it's a "board") was bad. I think the part was fairly expensive and required electronics skill to replace so We just bought a new one and put it up pretty easily using only the parts we needed, some stuff we used for the install from the original opener. The other one is 18 years old and still going (knock wood!).

Just had my first garage door service ever and it was to have the pulleys replaced. The doors were shaking and bucking on their way down, sometimes reversing. Who knew it could be as simple as a pulley! (it was probably a diy job, but we didn't know for sure what the problem was and it likely saved hubby hours by hiring a pro!) Now they work like new.

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