Preserving an old newspaper clipping

krikitDecember 21, 2005

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but figured someone here would know. Plus I've visited here enough to feel the wonderful welcoming spirit and so believe if I'm a bit off topic, no one will mind. I have a very old newspaper clipping (ca. 1916). My grandmother gave it to me when I was a teenager. It is a poem her brother wrote when he was in WW1 in France. He sent it home to their mother and someone in the family submitted it to the newspaper and it was printed in there. It has been tucked away all these years and now before it is too late, I'd like to do something to preserve it. It is about 3" wide x about 15" long, and unfortunately has some pretty bad creases from having been folded. The paper has already darkened, but it is still very legible. I've thought of taking it somewhere and having it framed to hang in my home, but finally decided I'd like to do whatever would be best for preserving it. So, I'd really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance!!!


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Try these two links:

I seem to recall being told you could soak the clippings in something to preserve them, but can't recall what--why am I thinking milk? Anyway, good luck. Hope one of the articles helps you.

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Hey! - these are great - just what I needed. Thanks for the info!


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I laminated my clipping back in 1984 and it looks the same as the day it was printed.

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