should a garage door opener keep you from lifting open the door?

jaansuDecember 1, 2008

I have a pair of Overhead Door Co garage door opener units. For one, in the closed position, I cannot open it by force from the outside. The other resists but I can easily force it open. Does the second opener have a problem that can be solved by me? I'd like to have the security of a closed door.

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The door should stay closed, otherwise you have a security issue. Can you call the manufacturer or the company that installed it? It could be the overhead mounting or some other fix.

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check your release cord.. it might be popped 1/2 way open so you can push is past and then open... it should be dangeling by the motor.


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If you have a sectional door and the opener was installed and adjusted correctly the bar between the trolley and door should be vertical or close to it when the door is closed. If not the door can be forced.

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maddiemom6 is correct. There should be an emergency release cord which detaches the door from the operator mechanism. With the door fully open, pull the cord straight down and release. If the cord is pulled to one side it may have locked in the open position. Next you can operate the door electrically to engage the door to the operator. There is usually a piece on the moving mechanism (Chain or screw) which has to reengage with the operator (Emergency release).

Hope that helps,

Dan Martyn

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