The expense & materials party

mazer415December 18, 2006

Im am continually discouraged at the huge expense of scrpbooking. I keep looking for deals, but rarely find them. Am I just looking in the wrong place? Why are these things so expensive??

ALSO has anyone every thought of having scrapbooking material parties, so you al can exchange the stuff you dont use with someone else who might be interested in your materials??? I am a gardener and we usually have an exchange to trade plants, seeds, bulbs and cuttings...I thought scrapbooking people might have the same thing. Just a thought.

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It can definitely be an expensive hobby. If you shop online, check oriental trading ( for scrapbook supplies. Their prices are pretty good and they have a huge selection.

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Ohh I love OTC, I often check out their products for my geocaching addiction. Does anyone find that they have paper they dont like, or other materials they bought that they thought would use but it just did not look the same they thought it would when they got it home? Do you guys ever swap materials with others???

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I've been able to find some great scrapbooking bargains at my local Big Lots store.

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My local Dollar Tree has terrific scrapbook supplies most times. This week all the Christmas themed stuff is 50% off.

I try and think outside the box with scrapbooking--greeting cards, wrapping paper, junk mail, cardboard cereal and food boxes all have the potential to be interesting additions to pages. For the heavy cardboard, just peel off the glossy surface to decrease bulk.

Same with embellishments--do any of your friends knit? Ask them to save their scraps of the new fancy yarns for your fiber needs. Hair barettes, bands have some neat little gems or adornments that can be removed and placed on pages. Consider flat seashells, pieces of bark, skeletonized leaves, feathers, scraps of fabric, ribbon.

Get into the habit of looking around. Scrapbook materials are not just in the specified aisles of the craft stores, they're everywhere.

Consider offering your unwanted supplies as a lot on ebay.

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I don't know why you couldn't host an 'exchange party'. It's a good idea! For bargain scrapbooking prices try: Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michael's and/or Big Lots. Always check their sale aisles as you can find most anything there. Also, in the office supply aisle at Wal=Mart, you can packs of 200-300 sheets of acid free card stock for a VERY good price.

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I go to a crop about once a month. We use each others "toys" and share items. Also we have a "yard sale" among ourselves about every 3-4 months and trade items we no longer use or want.

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Lots of good ideas guys!

I'm cheap by nature and can't bring myself to spring for a lot of the pricey scrapbooking toys.

That said, there are lots of ways to work around it. You can create your own supplies from non-traditional sources - as was suggested.

You can share with friends - if you buys a big stack of papers or embellishments or whatever you can split 'em.

You can go to crops at your local store - most of them have a work room of some kind and let you use their tools. A great way to olay with all of the fun die cuts and stuff without purchasing some of the big ticket items.

You can swap the stuff you are bored with - online or in person.

You can steal ideas from the pricey items and try to make your own. All of the precut chipboard embellishments are great, but they aren't anything you couldn't make yourself with some cardboard, and exacto knife and a little time.

Lots of things outside of the scrapbooking aisle are acid free and archival quality. Check out your office supply store, Big Lots, the Dollar Store, etc...

And never throw anything away :)
Decorative scissors were all the rage a few years ago, then everyone seems to get sick of them, now people seem to be using them again - just in different ways.

There was a ton of talk on another forum I read about the old kid's toy "Spirograph" and how it could be used for scrapping. What else is collecting dust in the basement that could be moved up to your craft room?

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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