Install fence with winter approaching?

Navin-R-JohnsonDecember 11, 2012

I am about ready to get a 4 foot tall black aluminum rail fence installed. Even though it is December, winter has not really shown up yet. Fence guy tells me ordering the materials will take 2-5 weeks, which puts us into mid Jan for installation. He tells me as long as there isn't snow on the ground they can still install the fence w/o a problem. Just as long as they have a few hours above freezing and their quick-drying cement has time to cure. This is a big, nationally known fencing company, they have plenty of laborers, and the job will be done in a couple days. Is this something I should really be doing NOW, or should I wait until spring?

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Is there a hurry?

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Not really a hurry. It would be nice to do it now just to get it over with, but if waiting until spring gives me a better guarantee of getting a quality job, then I'll wait.

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It might cost more in the spring because they'll be busier.

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I don't like pouring concrete in wet ground. I just don't think it sets right.

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The odds that winter temperatures will have arrived by mid January are around 99%, right? If that's the case, is this company is going to safely store everything until spring, or will they keep pushing you get it into the ground when there are breaks in the weather?

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