Changing pressure feet, White Family Rotary (treadle)

hotzcatzSeptember 24, 2007

It is a White Family Rotary circa 1911 treadle sewing machine which is now working fine. The machine came with this nifty box full of interesting attachments and I thought I'd finally use some of them, however I'm not sure how to change the pressure foot. I found a copy of the White manual online (the internet is amazing) however, they didn't mention how to go about changing the pressure foot although there were pages and pages about how to use the attachments.

There is the usual vertical shank which is moved up and down by the pressure foot lever. Attached to that vertical shaft is a fitting which seems to have a horizontal thumb screw/ring (which seems stuck) and the pressure foot is attached to the bottom of that fitting. There is another smaller screw which can be turned with a screw driver and then the whole presser foot with the horizontal thumb screw fitting comes off. The presser foot is attached to the bottom of the unit with a screw on the very bottom which is stuck and I don't know if it is even the right thing to undo to get the pressure foot off. I'm thinking the horizontal thumb screw may be the thing to move and then the attachments push off and on once that is loose? Although perhaps the screw on the very bottom would be the thing? That would however, then require removing the whole unit from the pressure foot to change attachments which seems a bit cumbersome.

The attachments are original with the sewing machine, so they should fit. They have a crow's foot attachment so they will attach somehow to the unit with the horizontal thumbscrew looking device however, I'm not sure how they come off and on the device.

Anyone got any guesses?

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I'm guessing that the thumb screw is the one to loosen. You may have to encourage it with a small pair of plyers (I'd place a piece of fabric to protect the screw from being marred) but before you loosen the thumb screw try holding the pressure foot that you'd like to apply, up to the machine and see it seems feesable.
Hope this helps.

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Aloha Ms.Marion,

Yuppers! That's what worked! I put the pressure foot/thumbscrew part into kerosene overnight and then it loosened up with just a little bit of persuasion the next day. Cleaned it all up and now I have been hemming things with the hemming attachment. Those old attachments are great!


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That's great! Sometimes a little patience and persuasion (sp?) is all that's needed. LOL Happy sewing.
I love old machines. I have fond memories of sitting on my grandmother's lap while she made clothes for me with her treadle machine. She passed away when I was 11 and no one seems to know where the machine went. Since I'm the only grandchild that sews I would have loved to have it.

I see that you love to garden too and have chickens. I garden in Florida on 3/4 acre. They'd put me in jail if I had chickens. LOL

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