Talking About Downsizing

nancyinmichJanuary 31, 2014

Well, here on LL's thread about moving closer to the town, and Marti's thread about moving closer to DM-in-L, then with Ohio Homesteader building a mini-home; downsizing is the topic of the winter around here! I thought that as you are making plans, looking at houses, or painting your digs, maybe some ideas from other sources might come in handy. Plus, I find that the comments that are added after the article are often even more helpful. So here is an article about Color and Scale in Compact Spaces

Here is one about The Creative Use of Shelving

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Thanks for the link! I actually like that first picture (and I'm not that into neutrals) but the fireplace surround is nice!

We do plan to move closer to town, but in a BIGGER house! LOL Does it still count as a 'smaller home' if mom lives with us? And the horses? And the kitties? And my nephew's plan to have chickens with 'grandma'? And the home office? Oh well, you get the idea! :)

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Sure it is downsizing! Aren't you are losing the whole farmhouse next door? ;-)

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Yes, I am! That's a very good point :)

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