Craftsman garage door opener

bneeDecember 31, 2008

I have a Craftsman garage door opener (model 139.53641SRT). The unit malfunctions when the tempature dips below freezing. When I push the buttom to open the door, the door raises about 6 inches and stops. When I close the door and try to open it again, the door raises a little further (6 inches to 1 foot) before it stops. I need to repeat this process 5-10 times to get the door to fully open. This problem first occured last winter. The problem went away once the tempature warmed up but recently reoccured when the tempatures dipped into the 30's.

Any thoughts or ideas on what may be causing the problem would be greatly appreciated. The unit is about 13 years old so maybe it's just time for a new one, but I wanted to see if a less expensive solution was possible before I replaced it. Thanks.

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You may have grease in the tracks. It can get thick in cold weather and not allow the wheels to roll. It doesn't need greasing there anyway. You can also try increasing the 'up force' which is a control on the rear of your motor unit near where all those white wires go. It will let your motor apply more force before shutting down.

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Don - thanks for the tip. Increasing the 'up force' did the trick. I appreciate the help.

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remotes will not close the door but it will open it.

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Mr. Johnson is this a problem statement?

If the door doesn't close with the remote, you first need to check that there's nothing blocking the sensors. Next make sure the door itself moves easily (no broken springs, etc.) Lastly increase the "down" force slightly and see if that takes care of the issue.

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Where are the sensors located?

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