dusk to dawn light over garage

mrleroybrownDecember 31, 2008

I too have had some problems with a dusk to dawn light over my garage. I placed an energy saving florescent bulb in this fixture and it worked great. But the next day I found glass where the bulb apparently busted and the ballast that are built into those types of bulbs was all burned up. Someone told me it was probably because I put a bulb with its wn ballast into a fixture with a ballast. So I installed a HPS bulb& it didn't work then I installed a MH bulb and it didn't work. At this point I figured I burned the ballast in the fixture up but before replacing it I installed a plain flood light and it worked. SO I am guessing my open bottom dusk to dawn fixture has no ballast?

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you are listing different types of fixtures, i was not aware a fixture would accept those varied styles.

as far as "Someone told me it was probably because I put a bulb with its wn ballast into a fixture with a ballast." a regular d-d fixture does not use a ballast. the reason your CFL burst is that it was not designed for this use. you need a CFL flood light that is made for outdoor inverted use. most regular CFLs will overheat and fail when installed inverted.

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The broken glass also makes me think water got to it. Even if protected from rain...fog or dew will do it.

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