Rusting Corner Beads in Florida House

piasanoDecember 3, 2012

We built four years ago. Rust was coming through on the corner beads in some places even before the contractor signed off on the completed house. His solution at the time was to spray Kiltz on the rusting areas. More and more areas are beginning to show rusting beads. Before I Kiltz those areas, does anyone know why this is happening? The house is a split level. The rusting is happening on the upper level. We are sure this has to do with the high hunidity here in Florida. We are on a canal, and very near the ocean. We do have the windows open ~ especially in the Master bedroom, alot. So, my question is, is there something better to use to seal those corner beads than Kiltz? Would it be a good idea to use something like CLR to dissolve the rust prior to Kitlzing?

Is anyone else having this kind of problem?


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Hi. I don't think Kiltz stops rust. It is used to prevent bleed through. I would sand the rust and steel wool it. Then apply Rustolium primmer. If you have the skill remove the steel corner bead and install plastic cornerbead.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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corner beads on what?
can you post a picture?

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You can either lower the humidity (by closing the house and using AC or dehumidifiers) or replace the metal beads with plastic. Any surface treatment will be temporary at best.

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Untreated metal will rust when covered with latex (water based) paint. The corner bead material apperently wasn't treaed.

They need to be sealed with a solvent based primer.

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Metal Corner Beads are Galvanized so I believe lowering the humidity would be the proper thing to do. The current ones will rust through again after being sealed

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Most likely those corner beads were rusting BEFORE they were installed, i.e. stored improperly. That rust will be stronger than anything you can spray/throw at it. The only permenant solution is costly and messy and that is cut them out and replace them.

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Thanks to all for your responses. Wood Butcher, I will try the Rustoleum. :O)

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Rustoleum is over rated. If you choose not to tear them out, prime them with ANY rust inhibiting primer, preferably red oxide, them prime with stain blocker, then paint with anything you want, oil or latex.

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replace with plastic corner beads,
why take the chance of it happening again.

best of luck.

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If your drywall was installed before 2009 I would be suspicious that it could be defective drywall that was imported from China from 2001 thru 07 - 08. That could possibly the cause of your corner bead rusting through. I know this might be out of the construction time frame but close enough to be worth the mention.

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