Singer Touch and Sew HELP!

danielletay649September 28, 2012

Hi there Everyone!

I just got a Singer Touch and Sew 755 for my birthday. I have been sewing quite a bit since I got it, although I have been doing really basic stuff using cotton and knit material.

I just started adjusting some hems on some knit pajama pants and all of a sudden the stitches became very irregular (missing stitches). I started playing with the settings thinking I could fix the problem and of course I didn't. I replaced the needle thinking it could be bent, and now I cannot get the settings right again. Does anyone know where my stitch settings should be for a straight stitch on knit?

Thanks so much!!!!

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What kind of needle are you using? It should be a ballpoint or stretch needle. Also try using a very narrow zigzag instead of a straight stitch.

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I'm pretty sure I am using a stretch needle. I don't really know how to use a zigzag at this point. My skill level in sewing is really limited to just a straight stitch. I have all the cartridges for a zigzag though. If you have suggestions on settings for a zigzag or tips please let me know! As of now though, I am just trying to figure out how to get my singer back to its normal self!

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I don't think you need a cam for a zigzig, I found a sales blurb that said the width is adjustable, & listed the cams for fancy stuff. It says 'it has a simplicity of dial controls for stitch length, width, and pattern; pressure and tension settings'. Found that at

On this website, see pg 3, it lists what all the cams are for.

His general tips page may offer some good reading for you on your machine also.

For knit, I'd make sure I was using a ball-point or stretch needle, 2-3 stitch length, and width 2-4. I hope you didn't change the tension or pressure settings, those rarely need changing IMHO.

A lot of times when I'm having trouble, I slow down on my speed esp. when I begin sewing. You may want to look at youtube, there are several touch & sew videos, I couldn't find any titled t & s 755, but I think it would be worth a visit for you.

I used to always recommend new sewers jot down the settings on their machines when they take them out of the box, and when they adjust them at other times. Stick the note in your manual. That way if it doesn't work, gets worse, etc, you have a record of what the 'default' settings are.

I hope you can get your new machine sewing!

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I have an older T&S, so it's similar plus I'm looking at a pic of your machine. I'm not sure what settings you changed. For Straight stitch, the wheel at the top left should be set at the straight line. The wheel next to it at the top right is your zig-zag width, so if your SS, it should be set at 0 or Normal (is that a red N on the wheel, if so, set it there). The wheel at bottom right is your stitch length which I like to keep at a longer length for average sewing.
Have you rethread your machine? The thread may have come out of the tension disc. And always use a good thread, not the bargain brand.
Make sure the machine is oiled and the lint is cleaned out.
If none of these things help, you may have to take it somewhere for repair. Sometimes gears or other things may break, unfortunately.

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singer has a manual for your machine, just go to manuals
& type in your model number & it will come up.

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I have a Touch & Sew 706 in it's original cabinet. Hubby bought it for me over 30 years ago. Four years ago it had to have a very major repair involving a new bobbin winding mechanism and a new gear. The repairman said it was worth getting it repaired. The parts had to come from Germany and it was at the repair shop 2 weeks. Since it came back it's been working hard - making quilts. It purrs like a kitten and is a pleasure to use. I still have the worry occasionally, that something will go wrong. I did find that I kept breaking needles until I realised that I wasn't pushing the needle all the way into the needle housing when I replaced it. I love this machine but I also have a lightweight Toyota ECO 15A, bought from Tesco Direct to take to quilting group. Since getting the Singer repaired and buying the cheap Toyota, I have really come to appreciate my old T & S.

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I have had a Golden Touch and Sew 750 machine for over 40 years. I took it in to get it serviced and they said they couldn't find the part they needed. I found it online, and they fixed it, but would not guarantee anything because the machine was so old. I sewed one dog bed (straight stitches), then the machine locked up. Yesterday we loaded it into the back of the car and will take it to Goodwill. It's like losing a good friend, and I was all choked up. Loved, loved, loved that machine, and would buy another in a minute if I could.

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Please don't get rid of your machine. You really need to find a different repairman. Some repairers don't like the Touch & Sews. I am lucky that my man thinks they are the Rolls Royces of the machine world. The parts are available, you just need someone who is interested in repairing them. It sounds like they didn't fix it right to start with.

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Believe me, I tried to find someone to fix my Singer. I live about 35 miles outside of Portland, Or., and still couldn't find anyone. I finally gave up and bought a Janome, which is not nearly as user friendly, but it's reliable at least.

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Hi Mary,
I'm sorry your T & S had to go. I'm sure you'll get on fine with your new Janome. I live on the Isle of Wight, Southern England. We only have one sewing machine repair shop over here. I was so lucky that our man is happy to take in anything for repair. It cost me �140 for the repair but I'm pleased I had it done. I bought a brand new Toyota ECO 15A from our Tesco Direct Supermarket chain. It's great, lightweight enough to take to quilting club and to move around the house. I use both machines. The Singer is in the bedroom and in a cabinet, so can't be moved in a hurry. The Toyota is very basic and has preset stitches, so I can't change the length or the width, it sews ok and is very pretty. All the sewing is getting done, so that can't be bad. Enjoy your new machine.

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Bluebell54, thank you for the information on your machine. I was given a 638 Singer in a cabinet by a 4-Her, I sewed on it alot then the bobbin gear broke. As I have more machines than I can use with my 4-H club and the age of the machine I was thinking of trashing it. Now I will take it to be repaired and hopefully it will work many, many more years.

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Hi lizzie2, I'm glad you've decided to get your T&S repaired.
It's won't be cheap but I think, provided you find a reputable and experienced repairman, you should be back to sewing on it soon. The T&S's were renowned for being 'unusual' machines, probably due to the self winding bobbin and slant needle. Obviously as mine came out in 1969 it has the dreaded plastic gears, but it is only over a long period of time that they deteriorate and eventually break. What I love about mine is the ability to lengthen and widen the stitches. It is so slick. I know most other machines can do that too but the way the T&S does it makes you feel good.

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Help - I have a 750 - the light bulb has melted into the cover and I can't get the bulb out to replace it. Any ideas?

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