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daisyblueJanuary 15, 2013

Hi Everyone ~ I hope your new year is off to a great start! I became a registered user on GW almost a year ago under the name pay_it_forward. Circumstances have prevented me from being as active on the forum as I had hoped to be, leading me to feel uncomfortable with that name. I certainly hope to be a more regular contributor this time around!!

I look forward to getting caught up with all of you!

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welcome here....

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Welcome back. How did you get your name changed? I'd like to take the 8a off mine since GW added the zone feature to the garden forums.

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Welcome....these are wonderful friends!

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Thank you ayesha, marti8a, and phoggie!

Marti ~ I contacted GW and was told that a new name could be had with a new email address. Since we have a secondary email, this worked out. I'm working my way back through some posts, but haven't yet discovered if you have finished your reno yet?

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Hi Daisyblue, Welcome back. Don't be worried about posting a lot or very little we all have lives off of GW. The Small House Board is like a really good friend. We worry about each other if we do not hear for awhile but just hit your keyboard and it is like you spoke to us yesterday.

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Aww, Shades, thank you very much ~ this made my day! I tend to overthink things sometimes...

Last year, I had my hands full with caring for an ailing parent along with my little one. I wasn't able to check in with Garden Web as often as I would have liked to. One of the few times I was able to, I came across a comment on the Build a House Forum about people not "passing it on" in reference to helping others after they had received help. Whether or not this person was referring to me, I don't know, but I ended up feeling uncomfortable with my former user name. Though I do hope to "pay it forward" more often, I like how "daisyblue" is a lot more mellow!

"A really good friend" is a great way to describe the warmth and welcoming found here at the Smaller Homes Forum! Thanks again!!

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