window/wall leak

pacpaDecember 9, 2009

I have a 150 year old house that is 3 stories. Last night we had a heavy rainstorm. This morning I see that I have 2 problems with water leaks. The window on the 2nd floor leaked at the top of the casing between the storm window and the sash. And then, directly below it on the first floor is a french door that also leaked at the top between the storm door and the french door. The window is probably 30 years old but the french door is 4 years old. The outside of the house is stucco. From staring at the outside from the ground, I do not see any major cracks. The roof over this part of the house is a flat roof that does have a slight pitch. There is a gutter than runs perpendicular to the wall with the window/door. I do know the gutter is clogged and am having someone come clean them today. It appears to me that the water is leaking in the wall somehow. but how? from a clogged gutter? The roof is 4 years old and i had basic maintenance done on it last year. Also, I just bought the house 12 months ago and it got a leak free stamp of approval by the home inspector. any ideas? who should i call to help figure this out?

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Sometimes water enters at the top of a storm window if it is not fully raised. then the water collects on the window sill and the storm window can prevent it from draining back outside (if the weeps are clogged). The water eventually gets into the wall and leaks below.

So, the first action is to get the storm windows properly closed. Sometimes silicone spray helps the tracks.

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Also, if there is a window on the 3rd floor above the 2nd floor window, check to make sure it is water-tight all around, especially at the sill (and that the window was all the way closed during the storm).
Water could have leaked into the wall there and leaked out at both openings below.

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water travels downward
you could have a roof leak that allows
water to run down the roof rafters and
down the wall.
too many scenerios for us to guess
but start in the attic looking for water
marks. have someone evaluate the job
(not necessairly the roofing company)
you want a fix and not just pookie on some
best of luck!

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