Pinking Shears...

donnar57August 17, 2011

...are causing me pain! They seem to be extremely tight and don't want to open and close properly. As a result, I shy away from using them (when I shouldn't have to).

Is there something I can do, or should I take them to the pro scissor guy when he visits our local Joann's?



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Spray them with WD40,then open and close them several times to work it in.Just make sure you wipe it all off ,or cut up some scraps to get rid of the excess.

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This begs the question. How many of us actually use pinking shears?

I tried them years ago and found them to be awkward and cumbersome for me. Probably because I've always had small hands and in later years arthritis. But, I've never met anyone in my circle of friends and relatives who used them either. I found a stay stitch worked better for me. Of course now, we have sergers to do the job for us. I say "we" but I've never used one. I don't sew enough anymore to justify the cost.

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I have a couple of pairs and use them quite frequently. Anyone else?

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I collect them. I think I have 3 or 4 pairs. But I use my serger to finish seams allowances. Another option is to use a pinking blade in a rotary cutter.

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I normally only use pinked edges for linings. I've had the best luck with the Olfa rotary cutter that has the pinking blade.

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I also have a couple of pairs,havn't used them in awhile,as i have a serger.I think the last time i used them was for a craft project where we cut 4" squares and stuffed them into one of those hay type wreaths.Anyone remember those??

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Do they have a tension adjusting nut where the blades cross?

Did they EVER work well? If so it's the blade tightness nut needs to be loosened a bit.

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Thank you, WD40 worked beautifully! Now I realize, they need sharpening, as was the problem with my scalloping shears.

Use of pinking shears - - well, actually, now that you mention it, mine sat in the drawer for a while. The only time they got used was when the serger was in the shop. That's where the serger is now, and why the pinking shears came out. (Serger needed a good cleaning and a timing adjustment - hasn't been in for 2 years.)

I can use them, but the next time the sharpening guy comes to our local Joann's, I think all my scissors will go in.


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Ah....the sharpening guy came to Joann's this past week. He did my pinking and my scalloping shears for $20 total. Was that a good price? I just paid it, didn't shop around or anything. Now both pair are nice and sharp, AND they work well.


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I didn't know a sharpening guy came to Joanns. Our Joanns is closed due to flooding by Irene.
when I was young, a guy used to come to town in an old bus and sharpen stuff. Even then it seemed kind of archaic. But I don't know how else to get my pinking shears sharpened.

I have 2 pairs one Ginghers and the other a huge red handled pair I got at a yard sale. I think the red ones must have been used in a factory. I'd love to get them sharpened.


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