Dollar Tree Scrapbooks

minnie_txNovember 7, 2004

When I was in my Dollar Tree the other day I noticed lovely 12X12 scrapbooks. They only had a few pages in them but the fronts and backs were very stylish and professional looking.

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I was in Dollar General yesterday they had 12x12 scrapbooks for $8 and the extra pages were something like $3 or $5 for 20 pages. I'm tempted to buy a book and see how well it holds up.

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Make sure it is acid-free and archival quality and you should be fine. I love a great deal!

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I find the coolest embellishments (some are handmade) and stickers at the Dollar Store for $2.00 and at Deals for $1.00!! Haven't seen the actual scrapbooks there yet.

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I work in a store and we have an amazing scrapbook section. We are a discount store and I know one of the Laura Ashley scrapbooks sells for 19.99 at our store and 59.99 at Micheals...and yes, it's the exact same book. Talk about a mark up at Micheals.
I get some of the neatest items there. And best of all I get first dibs and I get to order it so if I see something I really want, I order it in. :)

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I like their 8x8 scrapbooks for $2.You don't need alot of pictures. It makes it easy to do a scrapbook fast for a gift after a party. People love it and they think it's so hard!

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My 6 year old gs loves to look at my birds and blooms magazine.He loves all the birds and other animals.So for xmas i'm cutting out a lot of the pictures and making him a scrapbook of those pictures.I'm sure he's gonna love having his own so that he can look at it whenever he wants,instead of just when he's here.In expensive,yet a nice gift.IMHO

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I bought some calendar pages from Dollar Tree and they are printed crooked but I'm going to cut them out and glue to a piece of cardstock and use them in my CM frig frame.

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I get so many good deals at the Dollar Tree. Their scrap
booking paper comes 6 pages in a pack for $1.00. I have
bought their glue for scrapbooking, they have everything
that you need.

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