asphalt driveway

bamslerDecember 14, 2013

my husband repaired our asphalt driveway by first digging out area and filling with bagged asphalt. the next day he "sealed" driveway and now where he repaired with the asphalt the sealer is cracked and is peeling up over the newly asphalted area only. Does anyone know why this happened and how can we fix this? Thank you

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Yeah "bagged asphalt" is not for entire driveways and will not last as a driveway period no matter what you do.

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Asphalt is oil and gravel and the oil is still on the surface. Let it weather for a year or try scrubbing with a detergent to remove the excess oil.

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"Sealers" are mostly water based and useless. It won't stick to the oily asphalt patch. And the patch won't stick long term either. Cold patches never do. You could call an asphalt contractor for a hot patch, but if you've got holes big enough to have to patch, it's time to put money aside for a tearout and redo.

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