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prairie-girlNovember 28, 2010

I love reading blogs. I read too many.

I don't know if I have an actual 'favourite'. I enjoy many that are based on many different subjects.

I recently discovered one called "Better After" that I thought my 'small home' friends would really enjoy. The author has gathered pics of 'befores and afters'. I can waste way too many hours going through past posts. She also links to many other very interesting blogs.

What are your favourites?

Here is a link that might be useful: Better After

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bumping so it falls down the page

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I love that one too. If you like that one, you will probably like The DIY Showoff. I like Someday Crafts too. I have quite a few crafting blogs bookmarked, and I like funny blogs too.

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O goodie - more blogs to read! :o)
There sure are a lot of fantastic ones out there. I often wonder how people find the time to keep them up! I can barely keep up with life, let alone share it all with the world.
I'll check out the ones you've suggested, and thanks, marti8a!
Hopefully others will chime in with their favourites, too! I never know whether to post here or over on the main page. I think this area is kind of forgotten by most.

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I do not read many blogs. I do enjoy Flowerlady's blog and the beautiful pictures of her small home and gardens. I will check into these though. Loving the idea of before and after pictures. You know how we all love pictures.

Thanks :^)))

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Not related in any way to small homes, but this is a great blog. Lots of recipes, with kind of a western/cowgirl/BBQ thing going on. For instance, she built her own smokehouse!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cowgirl's Blog

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I got to surfing through blogs from this link and came across this one for a mud room. My thought was to build that same under the bench with basket storage for under the washer and dryer. Would not be able to make it as tall as shown.It is a thought for those like me with tiny laundry mud room. Even an 8 inch tall shelf would be helpful with baskets or plastic bins to hold shoes. Would have to be made very strong to hold up the washer and all the jiggling it does. Wonder if it would be possible??

Here is a link that might be useful: Mudroom storage

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flgargoyle that is a very interesting blog. I'll have to show it to my hubby - he loves to experiment with outdoor cooking. Smoking meat is one of his summertime hobbies. I like experimenting too, when we camp. My cast iron pots (dutch ovens) are wonderful to use over the open fire.

Chris, You can buy shelves to put under new front load washers and dryers so I don't know why you couldn't make one. You'd just have to make sure the materials were strong enough and that it had enough bracing. You might need to make a complete box (with a back) to ensure it was sturdy enough. (Sorry this is more my hubby's dept)

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We bought the lease inexpensive washer and dryer imaginable. I think it was $450 for the pair of them. No front load. LOl But even a 6 inch high space under both of them all the way across the space would be great. I agree it would have to be very strong. Those under the bed plastic boxes would be great to hold shoes and what nots.

Jay I got lost in that sight and copied down some recipes. Thanks!! Cracked up on the peaches in fry pan on fence post.


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