Square Hole in Foundation - Need to Plug

thefuzzbucketDecember 26, 2008

I have a square opening about 6" x 6" on each side of the cold room that is under my concrete steps. I want to build up the flower bed in front of the house but the level of the earth would be almost covering these two square openings. I guess they were used for air in the cold room as there are screens over them. Anyhow I don't use the cold room for anything and I'm afraid of water infiltration once I build up the flower beds.

I need some tips on closing these openings and making them water tight.


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Bricks or blocks mortared in to fill the holes.

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Hydraulic cement expands a bit as it cures, it's a good choice for "filling things in".

If the volume is excessive you can use a few small bricks or something similar to bulk up the interior volume of the cavity, then fill the remainder with the hydraulic cement.


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You can form one side by cutting plywood larger and tapcon screwing into the existing. You shouldn't have to form the opposite side if you run your mix "dry" or sticky, not too much water. You might want to throw a little mesh wire in there around the half way point when filling. Then put a waterproofing sealer/coating in and around the area of the flower bed, something such as drylok or thompsons.

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Be very careful if these are vents to a crawlspace, which is what is sounds like. You don't wan't to create moisture problems for yourself. You are also potentially creating issues with a soil buildup around your foundation. Done incorrectly, it is a direct invitation to termite infestation as well as a direct route for more moisture into your crawlspace/basement.

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