Roman Shades

gordon43812August 19, 2005

Does anybody have instructions for making roman shades? I have seen this done soo many times on those TV shows that my husband hates for me to watch!! And I have decided since we just repainted our living room I need new curtains! I decided on roman shades. Any help would be great!

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"forbidden TV", thats what one of my sons calls home dec shows. go to HGTV or DIY type in roman shades, lots of help there, rene

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Let me see if I can remember how I made these: (pictures below). Dec fabric wider than space to be covered for a turn so lining won't show. Figure out how long you want them, sew like a long pillow case to that length plus some that will go on top of 1"x1" board which will serve as header and where you screw eye hooks into. Then with ironing board handy, measure off every 4" pin along that pressed line then sew a ridge (like sewing in a front seam on some older style pants, mostly polyesters), only topstitch one 4" piece on the outside, then the second 4" section on the inside being sure to catch lining and dec fabric in that tiny topstitching. Then on the ridges made on the underside, sew your rings (I think I used two since my windows were fairly narrow), then knot each nylon string at the bottom ring, thread through the rings at every 8" (where topstitched seam is on the lining side), then thread through eye hooks on the board at top threading all threads together down whatever side you choose to have them operate. Then screw small thingies (wish I could remember the name but they are like miniature things found on a boat to tie ropes around) too late and I am too tired to get the exact word. Screw these things to wall to tie your cords around when you want shades raised. This technique does not use battens for each of the edges. I used coordinating fabric (actually used one of the stripes in the drapery panels) to create a scalloped edge with ruffle since I didn't want them too contemporary looking which is usually what roman shades look like. Anyway, hopefully you can figure it out by looking at these pictures.


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Pauline, thank you so much for your instructions. Have sewn for a long time and made many types of curtains. Have thought often about making roman shades again and wasn't quite getting the visual. Thank you tons for the great instructions! Jacquelyn

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What beautiful work! I, too, plan to make Roman shades for my home and have been researching the web for directions. I only hope that mine come out half as nice as the lovely pictures posted by paulinep. Just in case you also need pictures to accompany the excellent written directions, the following link provides visual directions:

P.S. The following link has some good pictures of various styles of window treatments, including toppers or valances:

Here is a link that might be useful: Roman shade directions

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I bought a pattern for roman shades a few years back but have since decided not to make them. If anyone wants it I would be glad to mail it to you. Just email me.


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Two suggestions:

warmcompany dot com

terrelldesigns dot com

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Paulinep, your Roman Shades are gorgeous! Love the fabrics you chose...greatwork.


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I see a lot of direction for Roman Shades, however, I am looking to make hobbled roman shades. Has anyone mades these and can you offer any advise. My biggest problem is understanding the yardage and the spacing. Any help would be appreciated. A hobbled shade has permanent pleats when fully down. Trisha

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I sewed my first roman shade last week, and it looks great. I went to a special sewing class and also referred to a great book called "Sewing for the Home," which I got from the library. I believe this book, which I've since returned, also had a section on making hobbled shades. Also, the "thingies" you attach to the wall are called cleats.

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I recently made some hobbled roman shades. They were not hard at all. I found a wonderful DVD which shows how to make flat roman, hobbled roman, top down and relaxed roman shades. It shows how to measure, cut, calculate, sew, attach tapes or rings, sting, install. Everything! And the method used is super easy. Only one problem, the video is a little bit pricey--$20.

However, after looking at a bunch of curtain and shade books and still feeling confused, I purchased the DVD at a local fabric store. I absolutely love it!! If I forget a step, I can just put on the DVD and look at how it is done, then go do it.

The website for the woman who made the video is: She's very nice and I also ordered some hardware from her (cord locks and battens) which were hard to find.

Good luck

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I just went to the website, and ordered the slipcover DVD. Thanks for the info.


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Making hobbled roman shades is very similar to making a slatted roman shade. The biggest difference is that you need twice the length of fabric.

You'll need roman shade ring tape that has rings spaced every 6"... or whatever you can find. You'll sew rib casings twice the ring spacing all the way up your shade. So if you are using roman shade tape that has rings spaced every 7", then you would sew a casing every 14" up your shade.

Then you tack the ring to each casing going up your shade. This forms the permanent pleats. The site has a full online video series on making and installing a hobbled roman shade.

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Make A Hobbled Roman Shade

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