Siding repair / replacement Vinyl vs Hardi

JsteinbergDecember 17, 2012

My house was built in the 80s with pressboard siding that has swelled with water in places. One side of my house has been ravaged by woodpeckers and needs to be entirely replaced with some of the sidewall and insulation repaired and replaced. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to do the entire house so I am faced with dealing with one side.

All of the contractors I've spoken to have suggested using Hardi plank or similar cement fiber siding with the exception of one who said he would go with Mastic Carvedwood Vinyl and it would look fine. There are similar colors in both to match. The vinyl would save me about $1,200.

Ultimately I would like to do the whole house but wasn't confident in how vinyl would look if it was only one side.

Any comment or suggestions regarding vinyl vs Hardi?


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If I had to make the choice, I much prefer the look of a clapboard siding like Hardie over vinyl.

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We replaced our cedar siding with Hardi plank. At first we only did the front of the house because we also had woodpecker damage. The corners did not match up as far as the size of the boards was concerned but you would only notice that if you were standing at the corner and looking at the front and side at the same time and knew that they were different size boards.
We liked the siding so much that we did the two sides a year later. We have not done the back of the house yet. We have had the siding installed for about 4 years now and there have been no issues. The color is exactly the same as the day it was installed.
It was expensive but IMO looks much better than vinyl siding

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