Sears Craftsman 1/2 hp won't close

poptopptDecember 24, 2008

OK well I've read all the posts and no answer so I think I have a new ? Door only goes down holding hardwired buttons, which would suggest that the sensors are out. So we went there and only the one on the left side is green. Checked the wires on the right side and they seem to be intact. Had to disconnet wires and press to screws in order to get next scenario. If I hold the wires sometimes I can get the light to come on. Tried moving the wires to a different screw and then it blinked rapidly so I knew that was wrong. Anywho do I replace the wire and the unit or is there a different problem? Alignment as far as I can tell is ok. Model number is 139.534915RT Year 9/96

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It is important to know that one of the lights will always be on and the other light will turn on only if the sensors are pointed at one another. I'm wondering if your moving the wires has not moved the sensor enough to be aligned momentarily. I would put the wires back where they belong and tweak the sensors to align them.

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