Liftmaster opener not closing with remote?

stash-hdyDecember 5, 2009

Have read threads and thinking Logic board is going bad, any feedback? Have checked sensor wiring and alignment, works with direct wire buttons, doesn't even start to close using remote signal. Diagnoatic light not blinking, opener light not blinking. Have found that pushing the remote buttom repeately may close the door. When the remote is activated the light on the opener lights so its getting a signal. Doesn't work with car signal or opener remotes.

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Sounds silly. But try a fresh battery in the remote.

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If the little LED beside the learn button does not flash rappidly when you press your remote, then the remote is not sending a signal.
Check your wall switch and make sure you lock switch has not been activated. The lock switch renders all battery operated remotes useless, including the home-link systems that are built into your car.
You will know the lock switch has been activated by either the light on the wall switch flashing, or a little red light located beside the Lock switch will be burning solid.
If you can't get the LED to flash when you press your remoted, then try new batteries. (as suggested)

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I changed to batteries before still did not work, the unit was 14 years old could not find any lock feature. When I pressed a remote the red light would flash so a signal was being sent. I replaced the door opener yesteray. Thanks for the input.

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