Siding color with old red brick?

angie43July 7, 2009

We are replacing the siding, gutters, and trim/overhangs/fashia. The white trim around the windows with not be replaced. The siding company suggest changing to a sand or sierra color. Will this look best or should I stick with the white for all? Thanks for your help!

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I think the sand would look fantastic. I've always found white to be too harsh against brick. Maybe some one could Photoshop the tan for you so you could decide. I think painting the window trim sand too would make it look so much prettier. Let's see what others think.

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Here's what it would look like with sand siding:

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Thanks so much! The color sample that I have on hand is a beige/taupe color sand which is the same color as the mortar between the bricks. The photoshop picture shows a yellowish sand color.

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The sand color is softer than the white for sure. Do they have any colors that pick up some of the flecks pieces in red brick? Sometimes there are blues and browns in the bricks.

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I have red brick with sand colored siding and white trim so obviously that's my vote. I think it's a softer look. I just ran out and took a pic for you. The siding looks very light with the sun shining on it in this picture but it is a fairly light color. Just enough contrast with the white. Maybe this will help you picture the combination. I love your deck!

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Wow! Thanks so much for going out and taking a pic of your house! I have to make a decision tonight and call it in and you guys are the best!! The taupe color sand sample that I have matches the mortar and is in the brick. Thanks for you comment mimi. The best part about the deck is the pool it leads to.

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A suggestion: my neighbor installed siding that was very yellow. Too yellow. When I had our house resided, I was afraid that the color I picked from a small sample would turn out to be that same yellow when it was applied to the house, so my contractor brought over a whole long strip of siding. Thankfully, it looked ok, not bright yellow. If you can do so, get a complete strip of the siding, or at least the address of a house in your area with that color siding, before you make your final selection.

BTW, I took the siding color from the Norandex/Reynolds web site. The siding in the mockup is Cedar Reflections
NX/RY Cedar Reflections XL D4.5 DL, Sand

I guessed that you were using Norandex/Reynolds because they have two siding colors called sand and sierra.

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See this is scary...cause the sample I have doesn't look like it has any yellow in it at all. It is the Norandex Woodsman Select siding sample. Thanks and I will call the contractor for a big sample.

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We are in the process of painting our brick house with 2 sided additions. It is a 140 yr old house, so we decided to go with historical colors. We also built a garage/carriage house this spring. As we have started the painting on the garage first, I can't show you any pictures of the house with the colors on it, but will post a picture of the garage. We just recently started painting, so you'll notice that not all is painted. The first color,the siding, is a soft green, the trim is a SW color called downing straw (we had the color customized by muting it a little) and the 3rd color is a rust color to bring in the color of the bricks from the main body of the house.

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Love your house MaryLu!

this is ours, a light tan color:

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